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Written by
Catie Hammond

Getting Started 1. Curated Newsletters Setup Guide

Published on
February 1, 2021

Automating a blog or content email can be a great asset to your emailing marketing tactics. However, sometimes you want a more editorial approach to building a newsletter or email filled with content.  You will notice many features are similar to the setup of an automated email campaign with one exception: you select, order, and tweak the blog posts and website content in your email.

Watch the introductory video below to get familiar with the high level features.


Next Steps:

Now that you have a basic understanding of the feature here is a recap of the steps involved in setting up and using the curated newsletter feature.

  1. Create a curated newsletter campaign in your FeedOtter account.
  2. Setup the campaign defaults; subject, from, email template design, integration system.
  3. Configure your content sources and install the bookmark.
  4. Create your first New Issue.
  5. Add content, re-order, and edit content placement.
  6. Test, Review, and Publish to your email software.


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