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Written by
Kat Lee

Message: Invalid Email Format

Published on
June 3, 2022
Message: Invalid email format: An unsubscribe tag ({{Unsubscribe}} or {{EmailPreferenceCenter}}) is required somewhere in the body of the email. The variable tag %%unsubscribe%% is outdated. Update this tag to Handlebars Merge Language and try again.
Modules Affected:
  • Automated
  • Curated
  • The correct tokens are not in the email. The variable tag “%%unsubscribe%%” is outdated.
  • Go into the code and search for the unsubscribe token. Replace “%%unsubscribe%%” with “{{Unsubscribe}}”. Then look under the code to see if the incorrect unsubscribe tag is set as a default token, if so then change it to “{{Unsubscribe}}”.
Customer Response Process:
  • You resolve the issue- Do not email the customer.
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