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Andy Theimer

Multiple RSS Feed Emails & New Features That Encourage Content From More Of Your Site[Advanced Topic]

Published on
June 12, 2020

Using Multifeed Feature in FeedOtter

There are a couple of different options for integrating multiple RSS feeds into your Automated Email in FeedOtter. This article will cover information about our braid feature and our multiple loop feature. Our braid feature and multiple loops and sections options allow for different styling and display differently in your Automated Email.

Braid Feature

Our braid feature allows your multiple RSS feeds to intertwine and have the newest content from each RSS feed in the Automated Email.

Here’s an example of an Automated Email using our braid feature:

Combined Posts From All Feeds. De-duped and sorted by Published Date

    [% for post in feedMerge([feedotter.posts, feedotter.posts2]) %]

    [[post.post_date | date("n/j/Y")]] == [[post.post_title]]
    ###[% endfor %]

Multiple Loops and Sections

Our multiple loops and sections options allow for the RSS feeds to be sectioned out in order of how you entered the RSS feeds. This causes your first RSS feed to display its newest content in the email, and the next RSS feed to display its newest content below that, labeled with a Section title. 

Here’s an example of an Automated Email using the multiple loops and sections option:

     ###Display 1 post from RSS Feed 1###
     [% for post in feedotter.posts | slice(0,1) %]
          [[post.post_title]] - [[post.post_url]]
     [% endfor %]

     ###Display 3 posts from RSS Feed 2###
     [% for post in feedotter.posts2 | slice(0,3) %]
          [[post.post_title]] - [[post.post_url]]
     [% endfor %]


There are two loops ” Display 1″ & “Display 3”. The important part of the code is “feedotter.posts”. Adding a number to this will allow you to access multiple feeds. “feedotter.posts” is always feed1 -the topmost feed shown in the UI tokens.


With all FeedOtter emails, we recommend testing all of your emails with a tool like Litmus or Emails on Acid. For testing, you need the HTML code to paste into tools and it will display your email campaign. After, you should double-check and view every email preview to make sure you’re happy with how your email appears on every platform. If not, you can go back and fix your HTML.


Plans Supporting This Feature

An advanced feature in FeedOtter is using multiple RSS Feeds in one email to send out to your clients. This feature allows you to send content from more than one place on your site all in one email. This feature comes with the FeedOtter Plus Plan and the FeedOtter Business Plan, click here to see your plan or upgrade your plan. If you are on the FeedOtter Basic Plan, you can upgrade or schedule a demo to discover more about this feature.

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