Scheduling RSS Issues: Didn’t Send When Should’ve or Not Right Content

Modules Affected:



  1. Verify feed renders and any posts in question show up in your FO account.  This ensures the feed is readable and there are no content or date format related issues.
  2. Review the sending history, make a note of the last x sends, we will relay this to the customer to demonstrate we looked at his account.
  3. Check PostMark, this is our email system… We can use this is see exactly what content was included in each successful send.

Customer Response Process:

Email something to the effect of:

Hi there,

I am sorry to hear your automations didn’t send as expected. I have reviewed the FO logs and verified that we have been polling your RSS feed consistently as expected {{dates in question}}. FeedOtter found new content on:
{{do some checking related to their question & find answers}}.

Unfortunately, RSS suffers from these sort of issues from time to time. Possible reasons we did not see the post are:

– Some form of RSS caching. FeedOtter tried to break any/all caches but it is still possible.

– The published date was changed or modified in some way. This is the #1 cause of unexpected sending/missed sending. FeedOtter uses that published date (pubDate) to determine content as new which triggers the send. If the date is changed FO can miss or resend a post.

I will keep an eye on your feed for the next bit, if you see a miss please reach out first thing as it is very hard to troubleshoot RSS feed issues once the feed changes. Please let me know if you have any questions. Apologies for the trouble.