Additional Multiple RSS Feed Email Functionallity

Today we released some additional options for use with FeedOtter's multiple RSS feed email functionality the new options are:

  1. You can now control which RSS feed triggers email sends
  2. You can now merge the first post title from ANY feed into the subject line

Control Which RSS Feed Triggers Email Sends

In the past  FeedOtter considered content from ALL RSS feeds when deciding if there was new content and subsequently sending an email.  A number of users asked us for more control over this so they could better incorporate static content such as video tutorial, white papers, case studies, and job posts into their emails.  The new feature places a small "eye" next to each feed.  When this eye is green it means that FeedOtter will consider content in this feed when deciding to send an email.

Multiple RSS feed setup

In our sample screenshot, feed 1 contains blog posts, feed 2 contains whitepapers, and feed 3 contains video tutorials.  Leaving only Feed 1's eye green means that every day at my scheduled time FeedOtter will check Feed 1. If there is new content since the last send FeedOtter will build a new email and schedule the send.

This provides more control over which feeds simply supply content and which control the automated sending.





Multiple RSS Feed Subject Line Merging

A handy feature of FeedOtter is the ability to include the title of the most recent post in the subject line of an email. However, if you are using multiple RSS feeds this meant the title could come from ANY of your feeds based on the the most recent published date.

If you have using multiple feeds you now have the ability to select the "first post title" from a specific feed.

Multiple RSS feed email subject lines

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