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Pardot Engagement Studio: How to Build a Workflow in 3 Easy Steps

A workflow can be summed up in one phrase. They can save you a ton of time! Specifically, a workflow is a sequence of actions that are automated based on set criteria. This criterion is usually established by a prospect's behavior and/or data your business has collected on that individual. A workflow can be built […]

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Designing Pardot Campaigns in 5 Easy Steps

Updated September 2020 When you are first getting started with Pardot, the concepts of nurture marketing and marketing automation may be new to you. And, even if you already have a good understanding of these concepts, you may need some new campaign ideas from time to time. The way to ensure that you are successful […]

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Generate New Blog Topics with These 8 Easy Ideas

One of the most difficult things about starting a blog and keeping up with a blog is coming up with topic ideas. It seems like this should be the simplest part because, after all, once you have a topic, the real “work” begins. However, truth be told, articles can be researched and written rather easily […]

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7 Story Mapping Programs and How to Use Them To Increase Engagement

Story Mapping is a technique that product owners use to gather all of their user story elements while providing a bigger picture. This method is also useful for stakeholders who want to track the progress of their projects. The importance of online story mapping programs lies in the fact that they are great for working […]

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