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5 Ways You Can Use B2B Content Marketing for Lead Generation and Conversion

Content marketing is shown to be three times more successful than traditional marketing strategies and can even cost less than doing things the old fashioned way. Knowing this, content marketing can be extremely beneficial for your business when done correctly. Let’s examine five ways you can leverage B2B content marketing for lead generation and conversion. […]

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How to Improve Productivity in Marketing: 15 Experts Share Their Trade Secrets

Want to get more out of your marketing campaigns? Discover how to improve productivity in marketing with these tips from 15 marketing experts.

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How to Create an Editable Marketo Email Template Using BEE Free

We recently showed you how to create a one-off email for Marketo using the BEE Free site which is a great, easy option when you’re tired of the Marketo editor. But, what if you want to re-use one of those emails just like the pre-built Marketo email templates? Not a problem! And no, you don’t […]

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Using Pardot for Social Media: 3 Practical Benefits of Integrating

Updated September 2020. In this article, we'll talk about how to capitalize on your social audience by exploring the benefits of using Pardot for social media. One of the best ways to get your content in front of a receptive audience is through social media. No secret to content marketers, social media can help you […]

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The Top 3 Free Email Builders to Use in Pardot

As a content marketer, one of your most valued duties includes creating content and sharing it. However, using different marketing software may present as your biggest challenge—especially when it comes to free email builders. Picture this, you're up against a tight deadline to launch an e-newsletter containing this month's featured content, but you've run into […]

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Pardot Best Practices

When you are a Pardot marketer, it is important to keep yourself organized and follow Pardot best practices to ensure that your platform operates the way you need it to. Pardot relies on your data as fuel to deliver more targeted, personalized campaigns. You can accomplish the most when you have an organized interface and […]

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Learn 4 Tools to Determine Audience Segmentation in Pardot

What is Audience Segmentation? As a content marketer, it's common to hear that segmenting your data is important, but do you know why it matters? Segmenting your customer data allows you to pinpoint different subgroups that relate to another in one or more ways. This simple strategy can be extremely beneficial to a content marketer. […]

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