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Yoast settings for removing The Post First appeared on text

How To Remove “This Post First Appeared” From Your Blog Posts


Several clients have written in lately asking how to remove a sentence appearing at the bottom (or top) of their blog posts.  This sentence reads: “This Post First Appeared On” and can be problematic.  Let’s examine how this sentence gets added and then I will show you how to remove it. It is no secret […]

Pardot Blog Subscribers Campaign

How To Create a Pardot Blog Subscriber Campaign

This post is the cornerstone for several how-to blog posts and will walk you through the task of creating a new blog subscriber campaign in Pardot. If you are experienced with Pardot feel free to skip ahead to the Part 2. Part 1. Why and When to Create Campaigns One of the most important aspects […]

Pardot Multiple Subscription Options

Multiple Blog Subscription Options With Pardot

Today I’m going to teach you how to give your blog subscribers multiple blog subscription options using a Pardot custom field, form, and several dynamic lists.  Finally we will use FeedOtter to auto-create and send your RSS blog emails.  If you don’t already have a FeedOtter subscription you may want to sign up for one […]