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Additional Multiple RSS Feed Email Functionallity

Today we released some additional options for use with FeedOtter's multiple RSS feed email functionality the new options are: You can now control which RSS...

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How to Create a Powerful Guest Blogging Strategy 10 Steps

Ready to promote your brand through thought leadership and increase the visits your get to your website? If so, you should implement a guest blogging...

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How to Create Content with Customers to Generate Leads

Everything you do at your job is for your customers, right? They’re the reason you open the doors every day, and you couldn’t do it...

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How to Find An RSS Feed URL for Any Website

Finding a website's RSS feed is useful for a variety of reasons such as staying up-to-date on everything that website publishes or promoting your content...

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Is Your Lead Nurturing Strategy Doing More Harm Than Good? 5 Common Mistakes You May Be Making

Are you having trouble turning leads into sales? This could be because you’re not maximizing your lead nurturing strategy. Or maybe your lead nurturing strategy...

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WALKTHROUGH - Multiple RSS Feeds in a Single FeedOtter Automated RSS Email

[av_video src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/lzh2Eg6fkQw' format='16-9' width='16' height='9' custom_class=''] Today I'm going to walk through creating a multiple RSS feed email from start to finish using FeedOtter's built-in...

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