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RSS Email for Oracle Marketing Cloud and Eloqua - New Integration

Andy Theimer
Founder, FeedOtter

Today we released our integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud and Eloqua.  This new FeedOtter integration will allow marketers to automate  blog and RSS emails all sent directly from their existing OMC/Eloqua software.

To learn more about how this integration works watch the short getting started video below.  It walks you through the basics of using FeedOtter to automate blog and RSS email from your OMC and Eloqua account.

This getting started with FeedOtter for Eloqua only breaks the surface of how FeedOtter's powerful automation can save you time and increase traffic to your website.

Key Features:

  • Perfect open, click, and engagement tracking all native to Eloqua
  • 30+ mobile ready templates included
  • Combine multiple RSS feeds into a single email
  • 10 team members

To learn more and schedule a personalized demo head to our FeedOtter for Eloqua page.

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