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“What really sets FeedOtter apart, is the service it’s been an awesome experience working with FeedOtter and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend others use them as well.”

Brad James, Online Marketing Manager

Tsunami Solutions

“FeedOtter saved my marketing team at least 3 hours per week in email newsletter production. New improvements get added to FeedOtter every month, making it better and better for deliverability, open rates, and overall usability. I’m extremely happy with the product and would definitely recommend the service to other marketing automation users!”

Larissa Cox, Marketing Manager


“The product is very easy to use, the customer service is excellent -they went above and beyond during setup and the app is a great value for the price.”

Daisy Hoeft, Digital Marketing Manager

Kristina S uses Feedotter
Digital Globe

“They weree so helpful answering all our questions and going above and beyond. Thanks to FeedOtter I am sending lots of emails in the time it takes to click a button. Thank you!”

Kristina Schroffel, Marketing Automation Specialist

Tubular Labs

“Finding FeedOtter has helped us consolidate systems, saving both time and money while providing an even better customer experience.”

Mike McNeely, Sales & Marketing Operations Manager

Your Membership

“This is the only way to send emails from your blog to your user base if you use Pardot. Customer service is amazing. Definitely recommend if you are using Pardot.”

Meghan Furtado, Sales & Marketing Operations Manager

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