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Brightcove Marketo Integration


Supercharge your demand gen campaigns with the power of video and sync video viewing data with the Brightcove Marketo integration. Brightcove Campaign makes it easy. Looking for higher quality leads you can convert faster? Want to build a stronger sales pipeline? Video is the answer. And no one knows video and how to use it better than Brightcove. With our new Campaign app, you’ll always know what’s working and what isn’t – what you’re doing well, and what you could be doing better.

Know exactly how you’re doing.

The days of wondering if your video is working are over. Video benchmarking lets you see how you stack up against industry standards.

Work more efficiently.

Reduce the time it takes to build, maintain and report on campaigns. Our Chrome extension lets you gather video analytics without logging in to another platform.

Data-driven optimization.

Make informed decisions on how to evolve your campaigns and take them to the next level. Join our over 5,000 video customers integrating their video with their marketing automation strategies to create rich and exciting customer experiences. Get the most out of your technology investment by connecting two of your most powerful marketing platforms, Marketo and Brightcove. Check out our datasheet to learn how Brightcove Marketo integration drives revenue for marketers and help them rise above the noise.

Brightcove Marketo Integration

Brightcove Campaign can be configured to integrate with Marketo. When the Brightcove Marketo integration is configured, video engagement data for videos published using Brightcove Campaign is synchronized to Marketo. Once in Marketo, this data can be used for segmentation, campaign logic, reports, lead scoring, and personalizing communications.

Some of the key features of the Brightcove Marketo integration are:

  • Data format – Video viewing data is delivered to Marketo as a page view, or a virtual web visit. The web page visit event contains query parameters that indicate the viewer’s level of engagement. The data that is replicated to Marketo as follows:
    • Video Name
    • Video ID
    • Brightcove Account ID
    • Page URL of the referring page
    • Brightcove Player ID
    • % Watched
  • Data transfer – Viewing data is sent immediately to Marketo, however, some reports in the Marketo platform may take some time to refresh.

To use the Brightcove Marketo integration with Marketo Munchkin, you must have a Marketo account with the Munchkin API enabled – you will need your Munchkin account ID (see Accessing the Marketo Munchkin). Users with the Munchkin User role should be able to access these values.

Note: For information on how to configure Brightcove Campaign for use with Marketo using the REST APIs, see Connecting to Marketo using the REST APIs.





  • Segment Based on Video Views
  • Capture & Score Video Leads
  • Rate Your Video Performance
  • Receive Tips on how to Improve



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