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Kwanzoo Inc Marketo Integration

Kwanzoo Inc Marketo Integration

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Kwanzoo (http://kwanzoo.com) provides the industry’s first Account-Based Go-to-Market (GTM) platform for mid-to-large B2B Enterprises and high-growth SaaS startups. Generate qualified traffic and engagement at target accounts and personas with Account-Based Advertising. Convert qualified accounts (MQAs) to opportunities with Account-Based Selling. Prioritize accounts for sales outreach by available budget, and reveal site locations for buying teams for specific solution categories with Account-Based Intelligence. All our solutions feature built-in reporting. The ABS solution includes a native Salesforce UI that enables SDRs/BDRs/sales teams to prioritize accounts for outreach and view key account-level intelligence and insights in a single view inside the CRM. Easily integrate across your enterprise marketing, sales, and paid media tech stacks and use the Kwanzoo Inc Marketo integration to capture leads and insights directly in your Marketo instance. Kwanzoo partners with all major third-party data providers offer a Google-certified rich media ad platform and support a broad range of real-time bidding (RTB) platforms, ad networks & exchanges. Our customers include HCL, Contrast Security, Treasure Data, and others. Our data partners include Oracle | Bluekai, Bombora, D&B, 180byTwo, and Kickfire.


Account-Based Advertising
Generate qualified traffic by serving ABM ads with cascading tag calls across multiple 3rd party cookie and IP data providers.
Account-Based Selling
Convert account engagement into sales-qualified opportunities. Organize and action account/buying team engagement by product or solution of interest.
Account-Based Intelligence
Understand the total addressable market and potential value of the market for your category, and prioritize outreach by available budget and intent.


The Kwanzoo Inc Marketo integration combines Kwanzoo’s unique anonymous buyer engagement data from ABM ad programs and on the website, with Marketo’s insights on engagement through emails and other demand generation channels from known contacts and leads. Deliver a complete view into account-level engagement to your sales teams across both known and anonymous buyers from target accounts. Boost capture of leads from display-based retargeting programs directly into your Marketo database using Kwanzoo’s unique in-banner lead form ads.





  • Generate Qualified Traffic
  • Convert Qualified Accounts
  • Identify Available Budgets



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