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Guide to Eloqua Merge Token Fields List

There are many merge tokens to use in your Eloqua emails to help personalize your content for your clients. Here, we've decided to break down all the Eloqua merge tokens and show you how to use them in your emails.

Full Eloqua Merge Token Fields List

Merge Field


Address 1

<span class=eloquaemail >Address1</span>

Address 2

<span class=eloquaemail >Address2</span>

Bounceback Email Address

<span class=eloquaemail >elqFromAddress</span>

Bounceback Name

<span class=eloquaemail >elqFromName</span>

Business Phone

<span class=eloquaemail >Business_Phone1</span>

Campaign ID

<span class=eloquaemail >campaignid</span>


<span class=eloquaemail >City</span>

Client ID

<span class=eloquaemail >siteid</span>


<span class=eloquaemail >Company</span>


<span class=eloquaemail >Country</span>

Email Address

<span class=eloquaemail >EmailAddress</span>

Email Display Name

<span class=eloquaemail >EmailDisplayName</span>

Event: Date

<span class=eloquaemail >Event___Date1</span>

Event: Time

<span class=eloquaemail >Event___Time1</span>

Event: Address

<span class=eloquaemail >Event__Address1</span>

Event: City

<span class=eloquaemail >Event__City1</span>

Event: Session

<span class=eloquaemail >Event__Session1</span>

Event: Speaker

<span class=eloquaemail >Event__Speaker1</span>

Event: State

<span class=eloquaemail >Event__State1</span>

Event: Zip Code

<span class=eloquaemail >Event__Zip_Code1</span>

First Name Field Merge

<span class=eloquaemail >First_Name_Field_Merge1</span>

First Name used for Email Only

<span class=eloquaemail >FirstName</span>

First Name used for Forms

<span class=eloquaemail >First_Name___Forms1</span>

Last Name

<span class=eloquaemail >LastName</span>

PURL Name (Default Hypersite)

<span class=eloquaemail >C_elqPURLName11</span>

Refer A Friend From Email Address

<span class=eloquaemail >elqRFfromemailaddress</span>

Refer A Friend From Name

<span class=eloquaemail >elqRFfromname</span>

Refer A Friend Instance

<span class=eloquaemail >elqReferFriendID</span>

Refer A Friend Message

<span class=eloquaemail >elqRFcontent</span>

Refer A Friend to Email Address

<span class=eloquaemail >elqRFtoemailaddress</span>

Refer A Friend To Name

<span class=eloquaemail >elqRFtoname</span>

Reply-To Email Address

<span class=eloquaemail >elqReplyToAddress</span>

Reply-To Name

<span class=eloquaemail >elqReplyToName</span>

Show Email Web-Version ID

<span class=eloquaemail >elqEmailSaveGUID</span>

State / Province

<span class=eloquaemail >State_Prov</span>


<span class=eloquaemail >Title1</span>

Unique Recipient ID

<span class=eloquaemail >recipientid</span>

Zip / Postal Code

<span class=eloquaemail >Zip_Postal</span>

Happy Emailing!

We can't wait to see your personalized content emails with Eloqua merge tokens. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email us at

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