Publish  NewsCred  Content to Emails and Newsletters

FeedOtter is the universal email integration platform for NewsCred, partnering with marketing automation, content, and email marketing teams to deliver time savings and content emails at scale.

Use NewsCred to pull content into emails and newsletters in FeedOtter and publish to your favorite ESP.
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NewsCred Email automation with FeedOtter

NewsCred emails created from your content

Content teams need to be able to make their website content available to email marketing efforts in a seamless way.
Integrates your NewsCred platform and all popular ESP and marketing automation platforms.
Reduce email creation time from hours to minutes.
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Automatically pull content into your NewsCred emails
Easy integration with your ESP


FeedOtter integrates your NewsCred CMS with all the popular email softwares and marketing automation platforms including:
Marketing Cloud
and more...
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Start  automating  your routine emails and finally improve your brand awareness & engagement

Set your preferred trigger, cadence, and time zone preferences.
Send weekly or monthly newsletter digests of your newly published blog posts.
Send update emails whenever a blog post is published on your site.
Only send newsletters when a certain number of blog posts have been published.
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