Connect  WordPress and Pardot

Use our Wordpress Pardot integration partnering with marketing automation, content, and email marketing teams to deliver time savings and automated content emails at scale.

Connect your Wordpress and Pardot accounts to automate and streamline content marketing, blog digests, and content email marketing.
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Connect WordPress and Pardot

WordPress content published to Pardot emails

Integrate your Wordpress website with Pardot to unlock its content marketing automation possibilities.

Setting up this powerful WordPress Pardot integration takes just minutes and requires no technical experience or email design capabilities. FeedOtter does the heavy lifting allowing you to seamlessly email your content via Pardot.
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Pull WordPress content into Pardot emails with FeedOtter's Pardot WordPress integration
Quickly customize WordPress content into a Pardot email

Integration Features

Publish content directly to a new email that is automatically sent via Pardot.
Drag and drop published content to create personal and curated Pardot newsletters in minutes.
Automate the creation and sending of WordPress blog digests.
Distribute WordPress content to your employees as it's published.
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Benefits of WordPress and Pardot together

Reduce newsletter creation time from hours to minutes.
Reduce errors that are caused by copy and pasting content images, text and links.
Increase traffic to your content by promoting your content via regular Pardot emails.
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Track email and website performance on every WordPress and Pardot email
“Increased marketing operations efficiency and easily integrates with WordPress and Pardot to eliminate manual work. End result - more time for you to spend elsewhere!”
Rick G.
Director, Demand Generation at MomentFeed

Our Favorite Wordpress & Pardot Resources:

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We love Jenna Molby here at FeedOtter.  Her blog contains some of the best resources for setting up Pardot with Wordpress as well as general Pardot expertise.

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When it comes to all things Pardot & Salesforce Lucy Mazalon over at is the person to follow.  Here she covers the basics of adding Pardot tracking codes to your Wordpress website.

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