RSS Email
for Marketo

An effortless & affordable way to send
blog digest emails to your Marketo database.

Flexible RSS Email for Marketo Sending Options

You’re the marketer so we’ve created our RSS Email for Marketo integration to allow you the most flexibility in sending blog and rss emails possible within the bounds of Marketo.

  • Automated email get sent with every new blog post
  • A/B test subject lines before sending
  • Edit and personalize your monthly newsletter before sending
  • Use Email Program Reports to evaluate success

Email Programs and Emails Get Created, You Click Send
This approach save you hours of tedious work by creating Email Programs and responsive content-filled emails automatically.  When you email is ready to send FeedOtter will notify you via email to login, personalize, test, and send. This option provides the best reporting detail and is used by most clients for weekly and monthly newsletter digests.

Full Automatic
There is no replacement for set-it-and-forget-it so FeedOtter makes it easy to setup automated digests or “every blog” emails inside Marketo.

Responsive Templates Included

Most of our clients come to us with blog emails from 2002.  That’s alright, in just 10 minutes you can be sending responsivebeautiful, html emails full of your blog’s best content. All FeedOtter subscriptions include access to our growing email template library.

With one click you can transform your blog digest emails with awesome templates like these and many more!

Capture More Leads

For years, your blog subscribers have been held captive by 3rd party tools like Feedburner and Mailchimp.  When all of your leads, prospects, and emailing lives in Marketo why should blog subscribers be imprisoned?  FeedOtter finally unifies your blog subscribers with your Marketo database turning each and every new subscriber into a warm lead to nurture or alert sales to.  Until now you’ve been missing amazing leads, start using FeedOtter.

Discover More Leads, Create Better Emails, and Engage Your Subscribers

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