Create Curated Content Email for Pardot

Drag and Drop content from your RSS feeds, Uberflip content, Instagram, YouTube, or anywhere on the web to curate beautiful Pardot emails in minutes.

How It Works

Add Your Favorite Content Sources
Add your rss feeds, WordPress blogs, Instagram and YouTube accounts even your content marketing software accounts such as Uberflip or Newscred.
Curated Content Email for Pardot Content Sources
Select content for your curated pardot email.
Add, Drag, Drop, Remove, Re-Order
Our editor give you full control of how content appears in your email using a simple drag/drop interface.
Select a Template Or Upload Your Custom HTML Design
We include dozens of custom newsletter and digest templates but also offer free importing of your custom HTML email designs. Looking for a custom HTML design for your curated newsletter? We recommend Email Monks for fast-turnaround, high-quality coding, and affordability.
Curated Pardot Email Templates

Schedule Your Curated Email in Pardot

We’re directly integrated with Pardot so all emails come from your Pardot account. Emails appear on your marketing calendar and in your Pardot scheduled sent emails. Pardot’s excellent campaign and email reporting is 100% the same as if you sent hours crafting your email inside Pardot.

Pardot Curated Email Scheduling