Marketo API Requirements

A summary of the data and security concerns using Marketo with FeedOtter


Security is important to us at FeedOtter. We’ve worked closely with Marketo’s API team to ensure we have access to as little of your data as possible. Here you can read-up on what Marketo data FeedOtter has access to.

Marketo API / Role Permissions Needed

FeedOtter requires 2 permissions to operate both of them pertain only to Marketo Assets:

  • Approve Assets; used to approve emails in your Marketo account.
  • Read-Write Assets; used to create emails, email templates, folders, default programs, and email programs in your Marketo account.

Leads and Personal Information

FeedOtter NEVER accesses your leads, email addresses, employees, or company information. As described in the previous section we only create and manipulate assets.