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Connect Pardot to FeedOtter

A detailed setup guide for connecting Pardot to FeedOtter.
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Pardot is a powerful marketing automation platform that supports B2B marketing and lead management, customer engagement marketing, and real-time personalization.

FeedOtter is part of the Pardot Partner program and is the best Pardot RSS integration in existence. Perfect reporting, multiple automation options, and unparalleled support makes sending RSS content to your leads automated and painless.

Follow the steps below to enable integration between your FeedOtter and Pardot accounts.

Pardot Setup

Setup in Pardot is relatively straightforward. It involves creating a new user with API-only access.

Create A New Pardot API User

Login to your Pardot account and navigate to the Admin (suitcase), select User Management, and choose Users.

Add Your Marketo REST API credentials

Now create a New user. This is a user account that FeedOtter will use to create and schedule email sends on your behalf. Click the Add User button.

Add Your Marketo REST API credentials
The following screen will come up – fill in the First Name, Last Name, and Email fields.
Add Your Marketo REST API credentials

Important Note:

  • Pardot requires that an activation email be sent and clicked to complete new user setup. Because of this requirement you will need to enter a valid email address. As a workaround, Pardot suggests using your email and adding a “+foapi” before the @. In many cases this will route the activation email to your email address so you can click the link and set the new user’s password. If this doesn’t work, you will need to use an email that can be monitored such as marketing@youcompany.com, etc... the only purpose for this is activating the user and setting the password one-time so it is never needed again.
  • Ensure “Send Activation Email” is checked
  • Ensure “Expire the user’s password after 90 days” is unchecked

Scroll down and fill in the timezone, and set role to Marketing.

Add Your Marketo REST API credentials

Activate Your New Pardot User

Now that you’ve created a new Pardot user. You need to activate them and set a password. This can be tricky and there is no way to bypass this step.  You must use an email address that will allow you to find the activation link email.  This is needed only one time.

As of April 2020 the Pardot activation email looks like this:

Add Your Marketo REST API credentials

IMPORTANT: Be sure to log out of your Pardot account before clicking the activation link otherwise Pardot may get confused.

Assign a new, memorable password to this account.  Write it down as you will need to enter it into FeedOtter momentarily.

Add Your Marketo REST API credentials

Once you have setup a password login to Pardot using the new user's credentials.

Click on the Gear in the upper-right > Settings > Click on the My Profile tab.

  • Pardot User Email
  • Pardot Password
  • API User Key
Add Your Marketo REST API credentials

Return to FeedOtter and click on your email address in the upper-right corner

  • Click on your Gear icon in the upper-right and select Settings from the dropdown
  • Select Connections from the left menu
  • Click the New Connection button
  • Enter the Pardot details collected via the previous steps on the popup.
Add your Pardot Setup Credentials to FeedOtter

You can access your Pardot connection settings at any time by clicking on your email in the upper-right of FeedOtter and choosing Settings > Connections.

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