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We're a team of passionate marketers taking the hassle out of newsletter creation to help companies save time creating routine emails.
of B2B companies operate a blog and invest in content marketing.
of company blogs have a subscribe form.
of companies fail to deliver blog posts to subscribers.
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Your Content Deserves To Be Seen

Companies and publishers invest millions of dollars each year to produce online content such as articles, blog posts, and news.  Most companies have also invested in building large marketing databases and subscriber lists.  Most companies don't realize the value of emailing their content on a regular basis because of the manual labor involved in converting web copy to email.

We built FeedOtter to change that.

We're FeedOtter!

Launched in 2016 by Andy Theimer, FeedOtter was the tool Andy needed at his last startup. Like most marketers his team created lots of great content but when it came time to email it to subscribers no one wanted the email building job.
Like all successful founders, he had to roll up his sleeves & find a solution so that his content received maximum exposure, his team was not burdened with hours of email building, and more leads engaged with the website.
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Our Founder's Mission

Andy Theimer Headshot
Andy Theimer
Founder & CEO
Andy is a 20-year software veteran and serial founder, bringing a decade of marketing software knowledge to the marketing automation space.
At my last company we had an amazing marketing team that produced multiple blog posts each week, great eBooks, pdfs, user guides, and more.  Over the years we had also built up a great list of subscribers numbering in the 50K range all opted-in to receive our content.
I constantly asked my team to build weekly emails that featured the amazing content they created but week after week it never got done.  Marketing priorities shifted, new projects popped-up, there was never enough time to build a routine email that would distribute great content to our eager subscribers.
I began to look for an automated solution that would allow us to send our newsletters automatically utilizing our marketing automation toolset of Pardot and Marketo.  Unable to find a reliable solution I spent my spare weekends and nights in my Boulder, CO bedroom building the original FeedOtter application for our team to use.
In early 2016 we began automating our weekly newsletters using FeedOtter.  In August of 2016 we sold our first monthly subscription and less than a year later more than 100 companies were using FeedOtter to automate their newsletters with Pardot and Marketo.


At FeedOtter we are excited about the opportunity to continue merging the worlds of email and online content.  We are committed to building new tools that save email marketers time while not interfering with their ability to customize and convey their brand's personality.

Organizations We Love and Support

These amazing organizations support bootstrapped software companies like us.  We can't thank them enough for their support.


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