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Automate HubSpot Email Creation

Reduce or eliminate time spent creating routine blog, newsletter, and content emails in HubSpot.
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Automated Newsletter Creation

If you send multiple newsletters daily, weekly, or monthly and your team spends countless hours re-building the same email, FeedOtter can help.

Here's How:

1. Setup your HTML template in FeedOtter (free of charge).
2. Add your data feeds; RSS, JSON, XML, or Custom.
3. Setup your automation schedule.

At the desired time, FeedOtter will compile all the data from your feeds and place a pixel perfect newsletter into your HubSpot account, ready for review and sending.

This process, done-by-hand, would take your team at least an hour and possibly more.

If you create and send routine newsletters with HubSpot schedule a demo with FeedOtter today to learn how we can help.
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Automate HubSpot Newsletter Creation
Building a Marketo Newsletter the Smart Way

Hubspot Newsletter Builder

If you need more editorial control than a fully-automated email provides we have you covered as well.  Use our HubSpot Newsletter Builder to drag-and-drop content from Wordpress, your CMS, feed, or any website to create robust email newsletters in minutes.
  • Select your content-source
  • Drag and drop to position content
  • Edit common fields such as title, description, cta, and upload alternate images
  • One-click publish your newsletter to HubSpot
Ready to Save Hours of Email Creation Time?

FeedOtter is more than just email automation.  We allow you to create routine emails in minutes that previously took hours.

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