Send RSS Emails From Pardot

FeedOtter is the easiest and most powerful way to send blog digest and rss emails from Pardot Salesforce.

Automate Pardot RSS Email in Minutes

FeedOtter creates responsive RSS email and automates sending directly from your Pardot Salesforce software.

Select A Sending Trigger

Tell FeedOtter when to send your Pardot RSS email.  Schedule a daily, weekly, or monthly digest or send blog posts and content to subscribers as they are published in real-time.

Enter Your RSS Feed

Tell FeedOtter where to look for new content by entering the RSS feed from your blog, news site, or website.

Select A Responsive Template

FeedOtter includes a library of responsive, visually appealing templates to make your Pardot RSS email look awesome for everyone.  No html coding required or you can create or import your own templates using our helpful guide.

Blast Off!

Simply tell FeedOtter what Pardot lists should receive your email, specify a Pardot campaign for perfect reporting and click the play button.

FeedOtter is Great!

It finally allows companies to bring all of their marketing into one place.

Chris Heiden, Salesforce

Pardot RSS Email Frequently Asked Questions

Have a questions about Pardot RSS Email with FeedOtter? See the list below for our most common Pardot RSS email questions. Don’t see your question? Please email us.
Are there limits on the number of leads I can send Pardot RSS email to?

No.  While other RSS programs such as MailChimp charge you by the number of subscribers, we do not.  You can send RSS emails to your Pardot database as often as you want.

I would like to send RSS emails on both a Weekly and Monthly basis how would this work with FeedOtter?

No problem!  FeedOtter relies on the lists found in your Pardot software. We recommend creating several lists based on when you send emails ie a list for weekly subscribers and a list for monthly subscribers.  You would create 2 FeedOtter emails that send content to these lists at the desired intervals.  Check out our blog post on multiple blog subscription options for a full walkthrough.

Can I incorporate Pardot dynamic content into my RSS emails?

Yes.  When you setup a dynamic content snippet in Pardot you will get a unqiue “merge code” for that dynamic snippet.  Simple include that merge code in your FeedOtter HTML template.  Something like: %%my_dynamic_snippet_code%%

How do I build an email subscription center with Pardot?

One of the most popular questions our users ask.  That’s why we are in the process of building a guide containing template landing page and form options. Stay tuned!

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