Create  curated email newsletters from blog content in minutes, not hours.

FeedOtter's helped hundreds of online publishers curate beautiful content email newsletters in minutes.
No more manually copy/pasting content
Integrates seamlessly with ANY email marketing tool
Save valuable time while increasing blog and website reach
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create curated email newsletters

Drag and drop content from anywhere

For specific updates or large newsletters, curate content from various sources around the Internet into a single email.
Cherry-pick which of your recent content you'd like to prioritize.
Add special custom elements such as introduction text and headings.
Add relevant industry content from non-company blogs.
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Automatically load RSS content into your curated email newsletter or curated content email
Curated email newsletters make it easy to customize and create beautiful curated content emails

Why create a curated newsletter?

Curated newsletters are a chance for you to offer readers a vast variety of material you’ve hand selected for them. And with so much content being published on the web, a curated newsletter has serious value. For many, it helps build their businesses by:
Staying top-of-mind with subscribers
Building thought leadership around their brand
Sharing interesting findings and resources
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Identify your content sources & gather content

With unlimited content sources, you'll want to add all streams of content so you can drag-and-drop directly into your curated newsletters. Supported content sources include:
Any RSS feed (including YouTube RSS feeds)
UberFlip content streams
WordPress sites
Google Sheets
Custom XML or JSON feeds
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Pull content from anywhere into your curated email newsletter
Curated content email newsletter examples from FeedOtter

Compose the email

Break free from manually copy/pasting newsletters together and use FeedOtter's clean interface for quickly adding content. FeedOtter also includes lots of great curated newsletter templates to make designing your first newsletter a quick and easy process.
Select and re-order the content for each newsletter
Drag-and-drop the perfect mix of content into your curated email newsletter.
Add your logo and footer branding.
Customize buttons to your company colors & preferred calls-to-action.
Use your company fonts.
Set custom character limits.
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Add a personal touch

FeedOtter also has custom field capability for an added unique touch to your newsletters. Here's a few examples:
Add first_name tokens for your recipient, merged in from your ESP or marketing automation tool.
Custom 2-3 sentence greeting highlighting posts in your newsletter issue as well as any other timely, relevant and personal bits.
A signature such as "Andy and the FeedOtter Team" or even better an actual multi-line email signature.
Upload a custom header image for the top of your curated content email.
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Personalize your curated content email newsletter
Track email and website performance on every curated email newsletter

Send it

With your email designed, content selected, and personalized branding it is time to send your curated email newsletter!
Send a quick test to any email address.
Connect your email automation tool and select your subscriber list.
That's it! All tracking and email performance reporting is set in your existing email system.
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Automate Your Newsletter Today

Improve your brand awareness and blog engagement with automated newsletters by FeedOtter.
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