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Create Newsletters and Blog Emails in Minutes Not Hours.

FeedOtter is used by companies and online publishers to automate and streamline the creation of routine, day-to-day emails.  The result: time saved, fewer errors, and more returning website traffic.

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Loved by Hundreds of Companies and Publishers

2020 FeedOtter Automated Email Customers

FeedOtter Will Help You:

Automate a Newsletter or Blog Digest

Automated campaigns allow you to set a schedule and automate the sending of emails composed from any RSS, JSON, or XML data source.
  • Intelligent content analysis automatically skips sending if there is no new content available
  • Adaptive scheduling supports hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, every-other, and business day sending patterns
  • Combine multiple RSS and data feeds into a single email
  • Conditionally hide/show content based on users' preferences (integration dependent)
Automate a newsletter or blog digest
Automate Notification Emails

Send New Blog Post Emails

Let FeedOtter monitor your RSS, XML, or JSON data feed(s) for new content. When new content is found, FeedOtter will compose a new email and automatically send it using your existing ESP or marketing automation software.

It is great for emailing new blog posts as well as:
  • New Real Estate Listings
  • Breaking News Alerts
  • New Job Postings
  • System Downtime and Status Updates
  • Legal Disclosures
  • Presidential Messages

Build a Custom Newsletters in Minutes

Do you send a daily, weekly, or other routine newsletter? Do you have a team of editors copying and pasting content from a website into emails?

FeedOtter's newsletters builder will save you hours on every send by allowing you to drag and drop content from ANY website or feed into a newsletter.  Update a personal greeting, tweak images, content, and ad copy and publish directly to your email sending software.  A 4 hour was completed in 15 minutes.
  • Connect all of your content sources; blog, website, rss, apis, content management platforms
  • Bookmark webpages directly to your newsletter
  • Add custom fields to make the editing of headlines, personal greeting, banner ads, and buttons painless -without breaking the template or touching code
  • Publish to your marketing automation software, ESP, or download the HTML
Curate a newsletter

Ready to Streamline Your Email Creation?

FeedOtter will reduce or eliminate the time it takes to create newsletters, blog digests, or content-based emails.

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Integrated with popular cms and esp
Integrated With Your Favorite Marketing Automation and Content Management Platforms

FeedOtter has powerful integrations with the major content management and email automation platforms. We add new integrations all the time and will happily add your platforms as needed.

Content APIs and Platforms

FeedOtter’s software works out-of-the-box with RSS, XML, and JSON data sources and we’re integrating new content sources all the time.
Integrate Content From These Platforms

Marketing Automation & ESP Integrations

FeedOtter allows you to automate and build emails that send from your existing ESP and marketing automation software.
MAP and ESP Partners

Hundreds of Happy Customers But
Don't Take Our Word For It

5/5 Star Rating on Capterra and G2Crowd - Here are a few of our favorites:
Sydney uses Marketo and FeedOtter for RSS email automation
Well worth the investment!

FeedOtter delivers exactly what they promise: a simple, automated connection between your RSS feed and your Marketo platform. I've used FeedOtter for years to build blog subscription campaigns. The team  is very responsive and the overall setup is very straightforward.

SYDNEY SLATER - Digital Marketing Manager
Michael automated his newsletters using FeedOtter and Eloqua
Our Blog Subscribers
Have Steadily Increased

We love how clean the integration with Marketo is as well as how easy it was for us to upload our own custom HTML template and code it with tokens to track attribution. The ability to A/B test blog digests is also key to our program development.

MICHAEL TABERSKI - Marketing Operations Analyst
Sally saved time automating RSS email
Integrates Easily With
WordPress and Marketo

You can choose to review the email generated in the send program before sending or auto-mate the email send process. Features include single blog post, digest with configurable number of posts, multiple templates, sending a sample email, and cloning RSS Campaigns.

SALLY DUDA - Marketing Automation & Operations
Ready to Save Hours of Email Creation Time?

FeedOtter is more than just email automation.  We allow you to create routine emails in minutes that previously took hours.

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