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RSS-To-Email Automation For B2B Marketers

Most B2B marketing automation tools lack a built-in way to email content. This results in tedious copy & paste email building or underpromoted content.

FeedOtter solves this problem for marketers saving valuable time and increasing your blog and website reach.
Automate Notification Emails

The Missing Feature in Your Marketing Automation Software

FeedOtter adds robust RSS-to-email functionality to all of the top marketing automation platforms including:

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RSS-To-Email For Blog Updates

Automatic New Content Notification Emails

Many of the leading email and marketing automation platforms do not have a way to integrate website content into email sends.  The current solution is to manually copy and paste content from a website into an email template for each send which has the following drawbacks:

  • Missing images or text
  • Broken HTML formatting
  • Hours lost to editing
  • Emails do not get sent when your team gets busy

Using the RSS feed from your company website and FeedOtter you can automate these routine emails, reduce errors, and increase your website traffic no matter what software you use to send emails.

Deliver Your Latest News and Web Content to your Subscribers

Make it easy for subscribers to find out what you're up to

Whether you publish new content every day or whenever inspiration strikes, RSS-to-Email helps you make sure your readers never miss out on important updates.

Focus on your content, not building and scheduling email

Creating content for your blog takes time and costs money.  Spreading the word about what you publish shouldn’t have to. Choose the day and time you’d like your emails to go out, and we’ll send them whenever there’s something new to share.

Optimize your content delivery

FeedOtter's deep integration with your marketing automation software means you can now report on when subscribers engage with your content.  Get more opens and clicks on Tuesdays and Thursdays?  Update your campaign to only send on those days.  Seeing the most clicks at noon?  Change your email's send time to improve engagement and website traffic.

Flawless Integration

As long-time content marketers we created FeedOtter to deliver web content to our email database.

Our software is easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy, and is built from a marketers point-of-view to save time and drive traffic back to your website content.

All emails are sent by your existing email system.  All lists, contacts, and leads all remain in your system of record.

Here are what two happy customers have to say:
Universal rss-to-email screenshot
Bridgette uses rss-to-email software from FeedOtter
Bridgette J.
Marketing Coordinator
"Very easy to use and beautiful feeds. Great product! Ease of setup. The RSS emails look great from the start and doesn't require any complicated customizations to get them looking nice."
Jennifer uses Marketo and FeedOtter rss-to-email software
Jennifer C.
Digital Marketing Manager
"We produce a lot of content, which of course then evolves into multiple email sends so that our content can be seen. With FeedOtter we are able to shorten our building and selection process for email sends. It's so efficient! We are able to move at a faster pace and are able to put more of our focus on customer preferences and behaviors."

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FeedOtter was built by marketing automation experts with years of real experience solving problems with Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot.  Click a logo below to learn how to integrate with each tool to perfectly automate and streamline email creation.

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