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Automate blog and RSS email from MailChimp

FeedOtter Automated Email is a MailChimp integration partnering with marketing automation, content, and email marketing teams to deliver time savings and automated content emails at scale.

Advanced data-driven email functionality to automate routine emails sent from MailChimp.
Automate Notification Emails
Advanced RSS Automation Email in MailChimp

Advanced RSS Automation

While MailChimp includes basic RSS automation, companies and publishers that send many routine newsletters and emails  find FeedOtter's advanced functionality saves them hours of email creation time.
  • Integrate multiple RSS feeds into a single email by combining or grouping content.
  • Integrate multiple RSS feeds to combine or display content from different websites, categories, or YouTube channels.
  • Automation reports that provide robust control and accountability.
  • Collaborate with your team; add approval workflows that ensure every email send is approved and signed-off on.
Ajmal K.
Product Marketing Manager
"We had been using another software as our blog subscriber email fulfillment tool. It had a lot of holes in its capabilities and we simply were not getting enough value. Moving to FeedOtter has allowed us to do A/B tests far more easily, run better analytics, and scale out our operations."

MailChimp Newsletter Builder

Drag and drop content from your CMS or any website to create robust email newsletters in minutes not hours.
  • Connect data from your blog, website, CMS, social channels, and even custom databases.  FeedOtter has content integrations with dozens of platforms and can build a custom content email solution if you need it.
  • Custom field support allows you to inter-mix MailChimp tokens with content data to make editing routine newsletters a snap.
  • Advanced approval workflow allows your editors to drag-and-drop newsletters together and then seek approval from the team.
  • Start with our library of MailChimp newsletters or let us import your custom HTML email design at no charge.
Catherine D.
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
"Great experience, and great customer support! The software is very easy to use, and there is a nice variety of templates you can use to get started."

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