Email Automation for Security Publishers

Deliver breaking news, articles, and updates to your email subscribers to increase trust, 
demonstrate expertise, and communicate critical knowledge without lifting a finger.
Produce security newsletter in record time with FeedOtter!

12,842 Security Emails Published Since 2016 

Here are a few of the security publishers that FeedOtter automates emails for every day.
Dynatract security publisher
BeyondTrust Security Updates
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Deliver Real-Time Security Updates

Send security updates to your subscribers and customers as they happen.
Monitor security feeds and sources. Send emails automatically when new content is published.
Schedule newsletters to automatically fill and send daily, weekly, monthly.
Lots of additional automated options that help you combine content and make your automated updates look amazing.
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Unlimited Security Data Sources

Create security update emails from any online data source or API.
Combine multiple feeds into a single security update or newsletter.
Curated content from alternative feeds like YouTube, Algolia, UberFlip and more
Smart-Sense automatically knows when new content has been published and ensures old posts are never sent twice
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Connect your RSS feeds and automatically load content into your FeedOtter Marketo Engage blog newsletter
Customize your Marketo blog newsletter quickly and easily

Increase Trust

Use your company's email design or create a high-trust security email  with our team.
Fully custom email based on your brand
Work with our team of email experts to create a trustworthy design
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Integrated With Your ESP

Straightforward ESP integrations ensure that all security update emails are published and sent from your email provider.
Integrations with Marketo, Marketing Cloud, Eloqua, Pardot and more.
FeedOtter's send history notifies you when an email is automated and provides one-click access to your sends.
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Seamless integration with Marketo Engage
Curate your Marketo Engage blog newsletter with more editorial control

Curate The Perfect Security Newsletter

Create one-off newsletters and security digests full of hand-picked articles in minutes.
Drag and drop articles, updates, and other content directly into your email design.
Customize greetings, images, and advertising.
Create security newsletter emails in minutes not hours.
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What Security Publishers Send With FeedOtter

Actual security notification and newsletter emails, automated by actual FeedOtter customers
Sample Security Emails

Automate Your Security Updates and Newsletter

Save your marketing team time and increase trust with your customers, clients, and subscribers.
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