Automate Eloqua Blog Newsletters in Minutes

FeedOtter works by pulling your blog content into an email template and pushing that email to a segment in Eloqua.

Easily automate Eloqua blog newsletters that increase your website traffic and give your content its greatest reach.
Completely hands-off automation
Eloqua remains the central space for all your email sends
Use subscriber preferences to send emails to different lists
Email performance and link reporting work perfectly
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Eloqua blog newsletter automation

FeedOtter has Automated More Than 60,189 Eloqua Blog Newsletters

Saving awesome companies countless hours of email creation. Here are a few:
ZenDesk uses Eloqua Blog Newsletters from FeedOtter

Take advantage of the simplicity of RSS

Automatically load content from any RSS or custom API feed.
Combine multiple feeds into a single Eloqua blog newsletter
Pull in content from alternative feeds like YouTube, Algolia, UberFlip and more
Smart-Sense automatically knows when new content has been published and ensures old posts are never sent twice
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Eloqua blog newsletters load content from RSS feeds
Customize your Eloqua blog newsletter templates

Customizable email templates that look great

FeedOtter's templates are regularly updated to keep in line with current best practices for email deliverability and subscriber engagement.
Add your logo and footer branding.
Customize buttons to your company colors & preferred calls-to-action.
Use Eloqua tokens in custom greeting or footer for further personalization.
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“The platform is intuitive, the documentation is thorough, and when I do have questions, they are answered promptly. FeedOtter has helped my small team save hours each week with our Eloqua newsletters. We see substantial cost savings.”
Jason O.
Marketing Automation Manager at Vistage
Schedule your Eloqua blog newsletters

Advanced Scheduling

Send content to subscribers on your schedule.
Set your preferred trigger, cadence, and time zone preferences.
Send weekly or monthly newsletter digests of your newly published blog posts.
Send update emails whenever a blog post is published on your site.
Only send your Eloqua blog newsletter when a certain number of blog posts have been published.
Schedule and send your newsletter all in one place, without having to go into your Eloqua.
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Easy integration with Eloqua

Straightforward Eloqua integration that works exactly as you want it to. End-to-end setup takes most marketers less than an hour.
Eloqua's native email performance and link performance reports work perfectly to show email engagement
FeedOtter's send history notifies you when an email is automated and provides one-click access to your Eloqua blog newsletters.
One-time setup to select your segment and email groups and you're all set.
Set advanced bounceback email (BBE) and custom sending IP (VMTA) settings directly in FeedOtter.
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Send blog newsletters automatically with Eloqua
Track your Eloqua blog newsletters performance with Google Analytics

Track website performance with Google Analytics

Customizable UTM parameters are added to each blog post link so that
your analytics can correctly report:
How much website traffic is generated from email subscribers.
How the email channel affects conversion goals like trial starts or demo requests.
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Notifications keep you in the loop

There's no need to schedule a time to check everything is running correctly. FeedOtter will notify you be email if:
A successful automated email is sent.
There's a problem blocking your email from going out.
An email was skipped because there was no new content.
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Receive notifications when you send Eloqua blog newsletters
Replace Eloqua's built in RSS app for advanced blog newsletter automation

Advanced RSS customization

Replace Eloqua's built-in RSS app for editorial control over your Eloqua blog newsletter and still use the power of RSS to automatically pull in blog content.
Use your company fonts.
Set custom character limits.
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What Do Our Customers Send?

Actual blog newsletters automated by our awesome customers!
Awesome Eloqua blog newsletters

Automate Your Newsletter Today

Improve your brand awareness and blog engagement with automated newsletters by FeedOtter.
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