Digesto Alternative

A detailed comparison between Digesto and FeedOtter

FeedOtter is a great alternative to Digesto. It allows you to create beautiful RSS emails with full Marketo automation, 100% perfect reporting, and more features.

Many visitors come to FeedOtter and are curious how we are different from Digesto from Perkuto. While we love the folks at Perkuto and Digesto as people we tried using their software and felt there was room for improvement.

Let’s take a look at some of differentiating factors to consider.

1. FeedOtter is Easier to Use

We have a great number of clients who compliment us on our ease-of-use and UI. Digesto, being a tool built by a consulting company(Perkuto) relies on its consulting team to assist in the configuration and setup of its product therefore reducing the need for an easy-to-use interface.

On the left: a screenshot of FeedOtter’s RSS email setup

On the right: a screenshot of Digesto

But it’s not really just about design, but experience.

We get compliments every week on how easy to use and intuitive FeedOtter is. Comments just like this one:

Pros: We love how clean the integration with Marketo is as well as how easy it was for us to upload our own custom HTML template and code it with tokens to track attribution. The ability to A/B test blog digests is also key to our program development.

Cons: To this point, we have not experienced anything bad about the software.

Overall: Our company needed a way to optimize our blog digest to increase engagement with our posts. FeedOtter provided us with the ability to not only customize and optimize our blog templates but also A/B test as much or as little as we need to. Since we implemented FeedOtter, our blog digest subscribers have steadily increased and we have continued to see improvement in overall blog engagement. FeedOtter has also been great about support through our transition process to using the product as well as any questions we had after. I can only see our relationship with FeedOtter growing in the future as our needs for RSS feed integration increases!

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2. No Consulting Needed

Perkuto is one the strongest names in Marketo consulting today. Their reputation and quality of their work is second to none. If you need help setting up Marketo or fixing an inherited MarketoMess we can’t recommend their services enough.

Since FeedOtter does not provide consulting services of any kind we rely on an easy-to-setup and use software-as-a-service product to generate revenue. To go with it we provide Best-In-Class personalized support to make sure every client receives royal treatment -no hidden fees, no additional consulting dollars needed, our advice comes free.

3. FeedOtter Actively Releases New Features

Until FeedOtter appeared on the market in late-2016 Digesto had not changed its product in 2+ years. (remember we tried Digesto ourselves) We believe in the “don’t fix it is it isn’t broke” philosophy but not when it comes to software -especially in the marketing space. FeedOtter releases major new features every month and builds based on what our clients and users request.

Product evolution is in our DNA here at FeedOtter we will always strive to have the best product.

Full Comparison of Digesto and FeedOtter

Automatically send a Marketo email full of RSS content at a scheduled date/timeYESYES
Automatically send a Marketo email when new RSS content is publishedYESYES
Supports Marketo A/B TestingYES
Semi-Automated Sending ModeYES
Business Day SendingYES
Subject Line Content PersonalizationYES
Social Sharing LinksYESYES
UTM Campaign Parameter SupportYESYES
Intelligent Image Discovery & Scaling/ResizingYES
Ability to create curated and personalized content newslettersYES
Content newsletter template library includedYES
Custom template migrationYESYES
Ability to incorporate multiple RSS feeds into a single automated emailYES
Uses the Marketo REST APIYESYES
Full Marketo Email Performance ReportingYES

Bottom Line

As an add-on to Marketo consulting services, Digesto can be a solid solution for companies with the budget. It has a knowledgeable team supporting it but is less user-friendly.

Digesto’s price point and lack of new features may not be ideal for many companies. In fact, it is 60% more expensive than FeedOtter and requires an annual contract where-as FeedOtter is no-risk, cancel-any-time. Is it worth it? There may be reasons to choose Digesto for Marketo RSS emailing but there is now a compelling case for going with FeedOtter.