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Not sure which solution is best for you? We created this guide to outline the key differences between FeedOtter and Digesto to help you make the best decision for your team.

A full 2022 feature comparison between Digesto and FeedOtter.
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FeedOtter is a great alternative to Digesto. It allows you to create and send beautiful RSS emails with full Marketo automation.  Reporting is flawless in both Email Performance and Email Link Performance. Marketo reports as well as in Google Analytics.  FeedOtter also unlocks advanced automation features that were previously thought impossible in the Marketo Launchpoint/Adobe Exchange ecosystem.

Many visitors come to FeedOtter and are curious how we are different from Digesto or from Perkuto. While we love the folks at Perkuto and Digesto as people, I tried using their software to automate blog post emails at my last company in 2016 and felt there was room for improvement. That is why I created FeedOtter.

Let’s take a look at some differentiating factors to consider.


Andy Theimer
Founder of FeedOtter

Ease of Use - FeedOtter is Easier to Use

We have a growing number of clients who compliment us on our ease-of-use and UI. Digesto, being a tool built by a consulting company(Perkuto), relies on its consulting team to assist in the configuration and setup of its product. Therefore it's reducing the need for an easy-to-use interface.

For example, when it comes to configuring your RSS to an email newsletter you can see a clear difference in the UI of FeedOtter (left) and Digesto (right).

FeedOtter Company LogoFeedOtter Marketo RSS email setup screen.
Digesto  rss email newsletter setup screen.

Implementation Time - Up and Running in 15 minutes

Many customers compliment us on how quick and easy the Marketo setup process is with FeedOtter. Compared to Digesto, there is no need to create multiple programs, folders and campaigns manually.  FeedOtter automates this entire setup and allows you to rename, personalize and organize to your liking.  Most FeedOtter users are setup and running in less than 15 minutes just like Taylor:
"FeedOtter made our blog digest 100% better and for half the cost of what we were previously using. I was able to quickly integrate with Marketo in less than 10 minutes. I’ve recommended it to other Marketing pros and teams within our organization. Couldn’t be happier with it."
Taylor uses FeedOtter to Automate Marketo Blog Digests
Taylor G.
Content Marketing Specialist at Clinicient

No Consulting Needed

Perkuto is one of the strongest names in Marketo consulting today. Their reputation and quality of their work is second to none. If you need help setting up Marketo or fixing an inherited MarketoMess we can’t recommend their services enough.

Since FeedOtter does not provide consulting services of any kind we rely on an easy setup and software-as-a-service product to generate revenue. In addition, we provide Best-In-Class personalized support to make sure every client receives royal treatment - no hidden fees and no additional consulting dollars needed, our advice comes free.

Improvements and Updates - FeedOtter Actively Releases New Features

Until FeedOtter appeared on the market in late-2016, Digesto had not changed its product in 2+ years (remember, we tried Digesto ourselves). We believe in the “don’t fix it if it isn’t broken” philosophy except when it comes to software - especially in the marketing space. FeedOtter releases new features monthly and works with each and every customer to ensure we add functionality that saves our users time.

Product evolution is in our DNA here at FeedOtter. We will always strive to have the best product. A handful of features we've added over the past year includes:

  • The ability to "braid" multiple RSS feeds together for use in an email.
  • The ability to use JSON data feeds to power automated emails, NOT JUST RSS!
  • A custom fields feature that allows users to quickly upload banner ads, and change calls-to-action without touching HTML or Marketo.

Have a unique question or request?  Fill out our contact form and let us know how we can help you spend less time creating routine emails.

Full Comparison of Digesto and FeedOtter

Last updated March 1st, 2021. We do our very best to ensure this table is a fair and accurate comparison of the features provided by Digesto and FeedOtter.  If you notice something out-of-date please contact us and let us know so we can make updates. We get busy making our product better and sometimes get behind on keeping this updated!

FeedOtter Company Logo
Uses the Marketo REST API
Automatically send a Marketo email full of RSS content at a scheduled date/time
Automatically send a Marketo email when new RSS content is published
Social Sharing Links
UTM Campaign Parameter Support
Ability to create curated and personalized content newsletters
Semi-Automated Sending Mode
Supports Marketo A/B Testing
Business Day Sending
Subject Line Content Personalization
Intelligent Image Discovery & Scaling/Resizing
Content newsletter template library included
Custom template migration
Ability to incorporate multiple RSS feeds into a single automated email
Full Marketo Email Performance Reporting
Encrypts Marketo API Credentials(aes256 or better) 


As an add-on to Marketo consulting services, Digesto can be a solid solution for companies within the budget. It has a knowledgeable team supporting it but is less user-friendly and lacks advanced features that can make your content emails more personal.

Digesto’s less friendly interface and lack of new features may not be ideal for many companies.  Digesto's price was upwards of $350 per month in 2016 when we built FeedOtter.  Since, Digesto has changed its pricing to be a low-cost alternative to FeedOtter with price-per-email plans starting at $29/mo. FeedOtter has remained consistent, providing a Best-In-Class software solution to automate routine email sending from Marketo. Our software is priced as low as we can allowing us to maintain our Marketo Launchpoint partnership and providing outstanding customer service at no extra charge.

No doubt Digesto's pricing change is in response to great companies such as Autodesk, Clinicient, Outreach and Adobe-Marketo canceling Digesto to subscribe to FeedOtter.

While a low-cost Marketo RSS-to-email solution may be tempting, there are some serious risks. Here is what we hear from customers that formerly used Digesto.

Top 6 reasons people switch from Digesto to FeedOtter

  • Images breaking in emails. Best that we can tell this is related to the "token" approach Digesto uses to display RSS content.
  • Lack of flexibility in creating emails with 1 post, several posts or newsletters with unlimited posts.
  • No multiple feed support or ability to "braid" multiple RSS or JSON feeds together.
  • Reporting problems.  Digesto solved this by copying FeedOtter's approach to RSS email in 2017. When we built FeedOtter it was not possible to see true, accurate email by email reports in Marketo.
  • Lack of modern email templates. FeedOtter includes more than 30 responsive newsletter and content templates contributing to a quick setup.
  • Lack of new updates and product improvements.

Is it worth it?

There may be reasons to choose Digesto for Marketo RSS-to-email newsletter emailing but there are a number of reasons you should first schedule a demo with the FeedOtter team.  We can walk you through the software and share how hundreds of other Marketo users automate their blog and content emails every day.  From there, the choice is up to you.

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