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New Strategies for Reaching Decision Makers with Your B2B Blog

By now, everyone knows you need a blog for your B2B brand. However, keeping up with a blog takes a lot of time and marketers don’t always see the results they want from their content. Desired results typically include generating new leads…
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How to Announce New Product Features Through Content Marketing

Do you have some cool new product features that you’re about to launch but don’t know how to tell your target consumers about them? Or maybe you want to tell your current clients about features they can upgrade to? Or maybe both? This post…

7 Keys to Creating Emails That Engage and Convert B2B Buyers

Email is the most impactful (and affordable) way to communicate with your customers. For every $1 that you spend in email marketing, you stand to gain a $44 return on investment. Also, despite the fanfare behind social media platforms such…

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3 Innovative Ways B2B Content Marketers Nailed It

These days, content is as varied, creative, and effective as ever before…which means it’s even more challenging to stand out in the crowd. In the B2B industry, competition is fierce. There are countless ways to use engaging content to drive…
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10 Content Marketing Metrics You Should Know

If you’re reading this post, then you probably already know that content marketing is a crucial strategy for your brand. However, having clearly defined targets and awesome content isn’t enough. Having a plan to analyze your content promotion…
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You’ve Created Great Content. Now What?

If you’re like most marketers, you feel like you’ve been creating engaging content all along, but it just doesn’t get as many views as you need it to. You’ve put a lot of work into creating content and you know that readers would love…
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Creating a Story Map from A to Z

Story mapping is a practice that can be applied to many verticals to organize and visualize a new project, including (but not limited to); customer or product journey, go-forward plans, or basic project management. The process is useful when…
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B2B Content Marketing Strategies That Increase Lead Generation and Conversion

Content marketing is shown to be three times more successful than traditional marketing strategies and can even cost less than doing things the old fashioned way. Knowing this, content marketing can be extremely beneficial for your business…

Story Mapping 101: How This Organization Strategy Can Set Your Business Apart

User story mapping is relatively simple: you’re talking about a user’s experience with your product in a format that explains their journey like a story. The concept was invented by Jeff Patton because he noticed that oftentimes people would…