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3 Useful Ways You Can Create Email Content By Integrating an RSS Feed Into Pardot

By Andy Theimer | January 8, 2024

Here at FeedOtter, something that’s usually on our minds is how to streamline the process of creating routine, content emails and newsletters that you can easily push to your email sending platform. And what better way to automate content emails than adding an RSS feed into Pardot? Let’s look at the need for an RSS Pardot integration and how you can save time on content email marketing in Pardot.

Why do you want to integrate an RSS feed into Pardot?

RSS feeds are great for pulling your content in a content alert email, not to mention saving you hours of email creation time that can be better served on writing/planning content or your other marketing demands. Here are three of the common use cases for wanting to put an RSS feed into Pardot:

Blog Notifications

With your blog growing in content and subscribers, you want as much reach as possible. Integrating an RSS feed into Pardot allows you to push out your latest blog updates to the target audience you are trying to reach. This also gives you the creative freedom you are looking for without the time hassle. Sending RSS emails through Pardot is an easy and effective way to produce the content your subscribers want to consume.

FeedOtter Integrating RSS feed into Pardot

Podcast Notifications

New podcast release? Alerting your audience via email is a great way to get your audience to interact with your new content. Creating a great podcast should be the number one priority, not hours spent on sending the content out. When you integrate an RSS feed into Pardot, you are setting yourself up for success to streamline your automated podcast emails.

RSS podcast integrating

A great example is Zilliant’s “B2B Reimagined Podcast”, subscribe here.

Digests and Newsletters

Having a newsletter or digest is crucial to updating users on your latest business updates. Subscribers will understand more about your product and content while getting an interactive feel. By integrating an RSS feed into Pardot, you are saving time creating beautiful newsletters or digests. Using RSS data to automate newsletters allows editors to have full control of the content put in the newsletters and digests.

RSS Digest

Another great example is Mining [Dot] Com’s newsletter, subscribe here.

How to integrate an RSS feed into Pardot

Sadly, there’s no native integration for Pardot to pull in your RSS feed so you’ll need a Pardot add-on called FeedOtter that can automate your content emails by pulling the content from your RSS feed.

FeedOtter allows you to email your website content in minutes. With FeedOtter’s Pardot integration, you have hands-off automation, smart-sense technology that ensures old content is never sent twice, and 30+ responsive templates you can utilize or you can add your own.

Not only that, FeedOtter offers advanced scheduling for you to plan out campaign sends automatically, a braided feature that allows you to use multiple RSS feeds, team collaboration, and a sent history that notifies you when an email is sent. Overall FeedOtter integrates your RSS feed into Pardot seamlessly, saves you valuable time, and enhances your email content.

For more information, schedule a demo. If you are wanting to give it a try, here is the link to FeedOtter’s free trial.


Zapier Integration – Why Zapier is Dangerous For Pardot Users

When looking for RSS integration with Pardot, you’ll see Zapier as an option as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zapier and it has saved my hours of time BUT this is a case when one-size-does-not-fit-all.  In fact, using a generic tool such as Zapier to automate marketing emails can be downright dangerous. Here’s why:

RSS isn’t perfect.  I have been building FeedOtter and working with RSS feeds for over 12 years. RSS feeds fail, post dates get updated and re-published, feed data contains bad characters.  If you try to DIY your Pardot email with Zapier these common RSS situations will cause your automations to fail or worse send out duplicate or broken emails.

FeedOtter is automated RSS email for Pardot and has been built to prevent, handle, and recover from ALL of these dangers.  If you are thinking of DIY’ing your Pardot RSS email campaign with Zapier PLEASE do a demo of FeedOtter first. We can discuss the pitfalls for Zapier further.

For more information, here is the link to Zapier’s page on Pardot integration.

Then signup for a demo of FeedOtter.

Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating that pulling RSS feeds to create emails is not included with Pardot. The Zapier plugin allows you to get insight into your prospects with triggers by integrating an RSS feed into Pardot.

With FeedOtter, you can integrate your RSS feed into Pardot in less than half an hour and automate those additional content email sends. Emailing your blog post updates, podcast notifications, newsletters, and digests are all amazing ways to reach your subscribers and are some of FeedOtter’s features that will enhance your email marketing abilities. Get started today making your marketing visions a reality in less time and a better professional email send.

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