Newsletter Production for the best Publishing Companies

Reach more subscribers and spend less time producing emails with the only software built for email production.
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IEEE Publisher

Connect Your Content

Connect FeedOtter to your website, feeds, social channels, and CMS tools.
FeedOtter instantly makes all your online content ready to email
Direct integrations with major social platforms and content systems
The FeedOtter Bookmark allows you to snapshot ANY webpage into your newsletter instantly.  Editors love THIS!
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Your Custom Newsletter Design

Use your existing newsletter HTML design with FeedOtter. or work with our experts to craft something new.
Newsletters are imported into FeedOtter by an email wizard
Any and all html email features are supported
Designs can include advertising code, ESP tokens, or other dynamic assets
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Add Content To Your Email

The a-ha moment you have been waiting for. 
One-click adds your content to the newsletter
Images are automatically pulled in, cropped, and look perfect
Re-order, customize, and tweak titles, ctas, and content
Use the FeedOtter Bookmark to quickly save articles and webpages into your newsletter
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Send your newsletter using your ESP

Publish Newsletters Without Leaving FeedOtter

Flexible publishing options and ESP integrations allow you to construct the perfect publishing process for your editorial team.

Here are the common workflows our publishers use:
Editors build newsletters and publish them to your ESP for review
Newsletters are published and scheduled to send without leaving FeedOtter
Completed newsletter HTML code is exported for custom sending
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Need more automation?

We also support auto-filling your newsletters with content and sending on a schedule 100% hands off.
Set your preferred trigger, cadence, and time zone preferences.
Send weekly or monthly newsletter digests of your newly published blog posts.
Send update emails whenever a blog post is published on your site.
Only send newsletters when a certain number of blog posts have been published.
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Send your email newsletter on your schedule
“I easily save at least 2 hours every week because I don't have to build our newsletters manually. It’s so easy to understand what’s going out to subscribers from Marketo, and ultimately track how the blog improves subscriber engagement in the long-term.”
Anthony Baldman
Marketing Automation & Email Manager at Technology Services Industry Association