From Good to Great: Clarion Gaming's Journey with FeedOtter's Email Production Platform

Clarion Gaming is known for being a leading organizer of events and exhibitions for the global gaming industry. They are particularly known for hosting international gaming conferences and trade shows, such as ICE London, ICE North America, and iGB Live. These events typically cover various aspects of the gaming industry, including online and offline casino gaming, sports betting, lotteries, and more.


Clarion Gaming was relying on manual methods for designing, approving, and sending their email campaigns which took too much time and resources.

There was no scalable solution that could accommodate future growth.

As a leading publisher for the gaming and gambling industry, Clarion Gaming is focused on creating exceptional live events, industry insights, advocacy, and digital brands that captivate stakeholders around the globe.

However, managing the many marketing actions required to nurture customer relationships and drive new customer acquisitions had become a significant challenge.

With 20 years of experience and millions of active users, the team found themselves spending hours each week manually designing, approving, and sending campaign emails.

As the business continued growing, it was clear these inefficient processes would not scale to meet future needs. A solution was needed if Clarion wanted to allocate more resources into content production rather than content distribution.

That's when they decided to seek out an automated platform that could streamline their email marketing workflows and help turn communications into a strategic advantage.

Clarion Gaming implemented FeedOtter's email production platform.

This provided them with a sophisticated yet intuitive drag-and-drop email production tool seamlessly connected with their CRM for efficient direct sending capabilities. 

While email remains a staple channel for driving sales and fostering customer loyalty, the typical email programs used by publishing companies struggle to keep pace with increasingly complex marketing needs.

Technologies and tools have advanced significantly, yet many publishers have been left behind, stuck piecing together solutions that create silos instead of unifying data and workflows.

This is where Clarion Gaming found themselves, until they discovered FeedOtter. By implementing FeedOtter's fully-integrated email production platform, Clarion Gaming was able to bring together previously disconnected systems and processes, gain new efficiencies, and refocus their efforts on higher-value creative and strategic work.

By leveraging FeedOtter, Clarion Gaming was able to cut the time spent on email production by 75% while improving quality.

Teams could now collaborate simultaneously and approvals were streamlined. They significantly scaled email programs without adding headcount. Integrated CRM analytics provided deep insights to continually optimize campaigns.

Overall, FeedOtter enabled Clarion Gaming to engage customers more effectively and drive greater returns from their marketing investments.

As one of the largest publishers in the gaming and gambling industry, Clarion Gaming had supported enormous email programs for years through manual processes that strained resources.

hen seeking ways to scale programs further without budget increases, they turned to FeedOtter to transform their email marketing production.

To learn how your business can realize similar benefits from implementing an integrated email production platform like FeedOtter, contact us for a personalized demonstration.



“As the director of marketing at Clarion Gaming, I needed a way to increase our customer engagement without increasing our headcount. FeedOtter was an excellent solution”
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