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5 Udemy Courses to Help You Master Marketing Automation

By Amanda | November 15, 2017

Marketing automation has become a buzzword in the marketing world, but it is important to understand that it should not be misunderstood as a quick-fix, but rather a way to enhance the marketing tasks you are already doing in a way that is still customer-centered. Marketing automation does not do things for you, you still need to put in the effort and develop the strategy to have it work for you.

Luckily, if you are looking to get some background and new information on marketing automation, Udemy has a variety of courses that can help you learn to master your own marketing. We are going to cover 5 of these awesome courses now!

1. Email Marketing Master Class

Connecting with customers through email marketing is a challenge for nearly every business. This Udemy course included 4.5 hours of video content and supplemental resources for $145. The course covers how to develop and implement an email marketing strategy—which is incredibly important in marketing automation.

It also teaches you how to grow your email audience, design and write better emails, and how to automate your email campaigns. The course also teaches you how to test and optimize your emails—which is key to growth and success in automation. The screenshot below shows the different lessons that are included in the email marketing master class:

Udemy Email Marketing lessons for marketing automation

2. Marketing Automation and Email Marketing for Beginners

This is a free one-hour course focusing on marketing automation ins and outs generally, as well as an overview of email marketing strategy for beginners. This class focuses a lot on customer engagement and looks at how automation and email marketing can help to increase your traffic and your business as a whole. It also looks at how email marketing can help to make your customers’ experience unique and memorable—and how these marketing tasks can interact to enhance your brand.

3. Social Media Marketing Automation

Social media is a key area for marketing automation. This Udemy course talks about how social media marketing automation can be a tool for success. Typically this is a $200 course — thought it is important to keep in mind that these courses do occasionally go on sale!

If you have been wondering how to automate Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or Twitter, this course is a perfect place to start! With 41 minutes of video and an in-depth article, this class is great for busy business professional that wants to spend an hour of their time enhancing their social media efforts.

4. The Complete Digital Marketing Course

Another course I found at a major discount—this Udemy course is normally $200, but if you catch it at the right time you might be able to find it on a special offer as well. This course covers marketing automation from the perspective of SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Social Media Marketing, and Google Analytics, so is a really great starter/all-in-one course to consider.

This course is truly for beginners with no background knowledge necessary…if you need to learn from the ground up this could be the perfect course for you. It also states that is targeted to a variety of different businesses, so regardless of your industry, this course is bound to have good information for you. This class includes nearly 20 hours of video, 5 articles, and claims it is for beginners who are ready to become “advanced.”

5. How to Use Marketing Automation in Online Business

In terms of fundamentals of building a marketing automation strategy, look no further than the “How to Use Marketing Automation in Online Business” course on Udemy. Typically a $25 course, this is a great start if you have an eCommerce business (or really do any part of your business online) and you need to build your marketing automation skill set to fit your brand and business strategy.

This course includes 40 minutes of video divided into 8 lectures—making it perfect for business professionals who only have time for a quick lecture or two on the train in the morning!

If you were to start with these five courses I have no doubt that you would build a fundamental skill set to help you master your own marketing automation. What I really like about these courses is that they offer a chance to build general and specialized knowledge.

The Marketing Automation and Email Marketing for Beginners (#2) as well as the How to use Marketing Automation in Online Business (#5), and The Complete Digital Marketing Course (#4) courses all provide an overview of how marketing automation (and digital marketing as a whole) work together to help you build upon your existing strategy.

The Email Marketing Master Class (#1) and the Social Media Marketing course (#3) can help to build upon a more general skill set and specialize your knowledge in understanding how automation can help social media and email marketing efforts.

Why Take an Udemy Class?

Honestly, there is so much information available online—but there is nothing quite like structured lecture time, where you are focusing your attention only on developing your digital marketing skillset. While a lot of these classes are geared towards beginners, it is important to remember that they all have different lectures and can build upon each other when combined. Structured course time is beneficial for business marketing at any level, and if you don’t see something that draws you on this list, there are endless options that you can find here.

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