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Quick & Easy Steps: Emailing Your Podcast Episodes with FeedOtter

By Andy Theimer | September 21, 2020

Podcasting has been trending BIG TIME in 2020 and is a great, creative way to show your content to your clients. But what happens when you create an awesome podcast episode but no one knows it exists? That’s where email marketing comes in.

Emailing your podcast episode is a great way to bring your content right to your subscribers, bring more listeners to your podcast, and more traffic to your website.

Why Emailing Your Podcast?

Email marketing is a huge force in the marketing world and important for any company to utilize for sending content. In fact, 61 percent of consumers say they enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly, and 38 percent of consumers want emails sent to their inbox more often! Not only do your consumers enjoy those emails, but 73 percent of millennials prefer email communication from businesses over any other type of communication.

So why not email your podcast? Your podcast is such an important part of your content that can bring in subscribers and new leads, and emailing your podcast episodes right to their inbox, where they can see and easily view it is a great way to promote your content.

Using FeedOtter to Email Your Podcast

Luckily, FeedOtter has the perfect solution for streamlining the process of automated emails for podcast episodes. Here at FeedOtter, we use your podcast hosting sites RSS feed and create beautiful automated emails sent through your existing email provider.

Let me take you through creating a podcast email in FeedOtter and emailing your podcast episodes to your listeners. In today’s guide, I’ll use Zilliant, a b2b company that currently uses Marketo as their email service provider. Zilliant has a great podcast hosted on Libsyn, with a great-looking subscribe form to create an emailing list.

Zilliant Podcast Homepage

Podcast Hosting Sites

FeedOtter integrates well with all the major podcasting hosting sites including Libsyn, Anchor, Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts, and more. You will use the hosting sites RSS feed to pull your podcast episode into your FeedOtter email.

In our Zilliant example, the RSS feed comes from their podcast hosting site, Libsyn.

Libsyn Podcast Hosting Site Homepage

Set Up Your Email in FeedOtter

To set up your podcast email, go into your FeedOtter account.

Here, you’ll create your automated podcast email by clicking New Automated Email at the top of your screen. Give your email campaign a name and choose your ESP you would like to integrate FeedOtter with.

Emailing your Podcast step 1: create new automated email

Next, you’ll set up a sending schedule for emailing your podcast. FeedOtter has plenty of options for scheduling your email sends, but we recommend setting up the schedule for shortly after you usually launch a new podcast episode. For example, Zilliant posts their new podcast episodes on Wednesday mornings. So we’ll set up the email to send on Wednesdays at 10 a.m.

Then, add your RSS feed for the podcast site.

Adding your RSS feed to your podcast email

As you can see, FeedOtter automatically pulls from your RSS feed and puts your latest podcast episode into a beautiful FeedOtter template. FeedOtter has its own set of podcast email templates, or you can add your own custom template to your account. You can also customize the template by clicking Template Properties and change the colors and add a header or logo image.

The next step is to add your Subject To/From information. Here, you can also add the title of your latest podcast episode to the subject line.

Finally, connect your ESP through the Integration tab and click Activate Campaign in the top-right corner. You’re all set to start emailing your podcast directly to your listeners.

Emailing your podcast set up complete

Happy Emailing!

FeedOtter is so excited to work with you and start emailing your podcast episodes through your ESP. You can start a free trial or schedule a demo with us and we’d be happy to get you started automating the creation of your emails.

Like the template we used for your podcast emails? Have any comments/questions/concerns? Feel free to email us at success@feedotter.com to get your FREE podcast email template or let us know how we can help you get started with FeedOtter.

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