Straightforward Marketo RSS Email Pricing

Create your first email in minutes, no credit card required.
Pay only when you’re ready to go live.
Used by smaller companies just getting started with content marketing and Marketo.
  • Example: If you want to send a reoccurring weekly digest and a daily blog post email. You would use 2 automated emails. There is no limit to the # of emails being sent or the size of your recipient lists.
    Marketo Integration
  • Example: If you want to send a reoccurring weekly digest and a daily blog post email. You would use 2 automated emails. There is no limit to the # of emails being sent or the size of your recipient lists.
    2 Automated Email Campaigns
  • Our every-growing library of responsive, Litmus-tested email templates means you can setup your automated email in minutes vs. hours. If you have your own template we will help you import it at no extra cost.
    30+ Responsive Email Templates
  • We're a software company that prides itself on 100% happy customers and out-of-this-world customer support. Whether you need help with a custom template or connecting Marketo we're here to help at no extra cost.
    Unlimited Setup and Support HelpVia Phone, Zoom, Email during U.S. Business Hours
  • Subscribe to FeedOtter with monthly or yearly credit card payment.
    Credit Card Payment
Used by Marketo customers to automate blog digests, newsletters and other content email.
Get all Basic features PLUS:
  • Example: If you want to send a reoccurring weekly digest and a daily blog post email. You would use 2 automated emails. There is no limit to the # of emails being sent or the size of your recipient lists.
    5 Automated Email Campaigns
  • Enter your content feeds into FeedOtter and use our drag and drop email designer to insert blocks of content and create newsletters in seconds. Ultimate editorial control in 1/10th the time.
    Curated Email Builder
  • If you use multiple Marketo workspaces this feature is a must-have to keep things organized.
    Marketo Workspaces
  • Create complex multi-category emails by weaving content from multiple RSS feeds into a single automated email. FeedOtter supports advanced logic and features that allow you to trigger and automate complex content emails effortlessly.
    Multiple Feeds
  • Invite your team to use FeedOtter. The Company plan includes 3 individual logins.
    Teams w/ 3 User Accounts
  • Subscribe to FeedOtter with monthly or yearly credit card payment.
    Credit Card Payment
Perfect for advanced Marketo users that produce and promote lots of content.
Get all Company features PLUS:
  • 10 Automated Email Campaigns
  • Teams w/ 10 User Accounts
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Need to generate PO numbers, be invoiced, and include your purchasing and/or legal teams in the signup process? No problem this plan allows for
    ACH, Check, or Credit Card Payment
  • FeedOtter takes security seriously. If your company requires a security questionnaire and documentation. This plan is for you.
    Security Audit Support

A Few Happy Marketo Customers Using FeedOtter

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Enterprise Packages

FeedOtter helps some of the world's largest companies and publishers automate email creation for their regular emails.  These customers have automated up to 100 emails per day using FeedOtter.  If your team spends hours building the same email day-in-and-out we can help.
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FeedOtter Standard Features
  • Real-time blog post notification
  • Scheduled digest and summary email sending
  • Blog digest emailing
  • RSS Newsletters
  • Unlimited recipients
  • Email support
  • No limit on emails per month
  • 15+ responsive newsletter templates
  • Email customization; logo, colors

Have Questions about Feedotter?

What is an Automated Email Campaign?

An Automated Email Campaign is a FeedOtter object that automatically sends emails at your desired interval.  Each automated campaign consists of a sending schedule (daily, weekly monthly etc…), a data source such as an RSS feed, and an HTML email template.  This is NOT related to the number of times per week an email is sent or the number of subscribers you send to -there is no limit on those items.

How does the free trial work?
  • Create automated emails
  • Test the email creation capability of FeedOtter
  • Send test emails to yourself and your team
  • Test our integrations with Pardot & Marketo
If you choose to continue using FeedOtter you will be prompted to enter your credit card information at this time. If you choose not to continue we’d love to help you or at least know what features you would like. Email us at
Are there contracts or commitments?

We offer flexible month-to-month plans. After your 7-day free trial you’ll be asked to pick a plan and enter your payment info. This is billed monthly and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel before the end of a billing period, you’ll retain access until that billing period is over. Enterprise pricing requires an annual contract.

Can I make a payment by invoice?

We can provide invoicing on Enterprise plans only when paid yearly. You can then make payment via a bank transfer. Other plans must be paid for by credit/debit card.

We have lots of RSS feeds on many different topics.
Will FeedOtter work for us?

Absolutely! We have clients that send 50+ newsletters each week. FeedOtter coordinates all the sending, de-duplication, and more. Keep scrolling to read about our Enterprise packages.

Hundreds of Happy Customers But
Don’t Take Our Word For It

On Capterra we have got more than 50 reviews from ultra-happy FeedOtter users. Here are just a few of them:

Well worth the investment!

FeedOtter delivers exactly what they promise: a simple, automated connection between your RSS feed and your Marketo platform. I’ve used FeedOtter for years to build blog subscription campaigns. The team is very responsive and the overall setup is very straightforward.

A black and white photo featuring Sydney Slater
Our Blog Subscribers Have Steadily Increased

We love how clean the integration with Marketo is as well as how easy it was for us to upload our own custom HTML template and code it with tokens to track attribution. The ability to A/B test blog digests is also key to our program development.

Michael Taberski posing in front of a grey background
MICHAEL TABERSKI - Marketing Operations Analyst
Integrates Easily With WordPress and Marketo

You can choose to review the email generated in the send program before sending or automate the email send process. Features include single blog post, digest with configurable number of posts, multiple templates, sending a sample email, and cloning RSS Campaigns.

A black and white photo of Sally Duda, leaning slightly forward
Intuitive and Efficient

Easily integrates with WordPress and Marketo to eliminate manual work. End result – more time for you to spend elsewhere.

A color photo featuring Rick Galan of Demand Generation
Easy to use and setup

FeedOtter makes light work of building a nice blog alert and integrates with Marketo. The Marketo integration and ability to customize the email template is great. RSS feed setup is quick/easy.

A color photo featuring Scott MacGregor wearing a blue shirt and glasses
Great Product. Great Price.

Quick and easy installation out of the box integration with Marketo. Great customer support to help add modifications. Andy took a lot of time to help implement several changes to fit our RSS feed. He was very attentive, knowledgeable, and was great to work with.

A close up color photo of Ryan Barnhart of Ligonier Ministries
RYAN BARNHART - Ligonier Ministries