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CMS email integration with FeedOtter

FeedOtter is a universal connector between your content software (CMS) and your marketing automation platform

FeedOtter is the solution to integrating your content management software with ANY marketing automation platform. Our customers save time publishing their content directly to emails and newsletters in marketing tools such as:
Universal integration between your cms and marketo, pardot, salesforce, hubspot, eloqua


Are you are one of the thousands of companies hosting your website with the Wordpress CMS? Do you have a sophisticated email marketing platform such as Marketo, Eloqua, or Marketing cloud?  If so, FeedOtter is the missing link in your content and email marketing stack.

Use FeedOtter to automatically convert your Wordpress content into emails sent automatically, on a schedule or with the press of an approval button.
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WordPress integration with FeedOtter
"The product integrates easily with WordPress and our marketing automation software Marketo. I can review the email generated in the send program before sending or automate the email send process. Features include single blog post, digest with configurable number of posts, multiple templates, and sending a sample email. The support was very responsive and was able to answer all of my questions so that I could get up and running quickly."
Sally D.
Digital Operations Marketing Manager at McKesson
NewsCred Optimizely integration with FeedOtter

Optimizely NewsCred

When it comes to content management Optimizely, formerly NewsCred, is the industry leader. With more than 10 years helping companies of all sizes organize, distribute, and manage their vast content library. You can be sure the best companies rely on NewsCred to power their website and content.

FeedOtter is a natural add-on that allows NewsCred users to publish their content directly to automated emails or custom built email newsletters.

If you use NewsCred and want to distribute your content via email in minutes vs. hours schedule a demo today.
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Focused on the "content experience" UberFlip has been providing some of the web's most beloved companies with great-looking content hubs for years.

UberFlip's FeedOtter integration allows content marketers to publish content directly into their email newsletters reducing the email creation time from hours to minutes per send.

See how it works today by scheduling a demo!
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UberFlip email integration with FeedOtter
CMS email integration to create beautiful FeedOtter emails

Custom CMS email publishing packages

Do you have a custom content management system or database full of industry specific content?  The FeedOtter team has extensive expertise in turning content into emails.  Using our flexible software platform as the base we can connect content from anywhere in virtually any format and make it available in automated emails, drag-and-drop emails, and more.

Custom content to email automation work we've done in the past includes:
Integrating custom Algolia content feeds
Proprietary medical dictionary data for the Cleveland Clinic
Stock and commodities trading prices and information
Have a custom content to email project you would like to discuss with our team? Schedule a call today.
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Improve your brand awareness and blog engagement with automated newsletters by FeedOtter.
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