How marketing managers automatically turn blog posts into email newsletters

Say goodbye to manually copy-pasting headlines, text, and images. FeedOtter uses the power of RSS to automatically pull content from your website and turn it into recurring, engaging email newsletters.
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Eliminate 99% of the work that goes into creating your email newsletters

FeedOtter uses RSS feeds that are automatically generated from your blog.  Here's how that works:
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RSS Feed automation

As blog posts are published, FeedOtter auto-populates an email newsletter using your RSS feed.

Easy integration

According to your schedule, emails get pushed to your email marketing system (EMS) for review and sending.

Continued engagement

You effortlessly keep subscribers up to date on content and improve brand awareness and engagement.
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"I  save at least 2 hours  every week because I don't have to build our blog newsletters manually."

Anthony B.
Marketing Automation & Email Manager
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Easy integration with your email marketing tool

Straightforward integration that works exactly as you want it to. End-to-end setup takes most marketers less than an hour.
FeedOtter has easy integration with your ESP
FeedOtter offers flexible customization with email templates

Flexible customization options for email
templates. Choose exactly how you want your emails to look.

Use our modern email templates to get the right look and feel.
Customize your template branding with custom logo options, colors, and footers.
Select the number of blog posts displayed and set character limits.
Import a custom HTML email template to make sure you’re always on-brand.

Send content to  subscribers on your schedule

Set your preferred trigger, cadence, and time zone preferences.
Send weekly or monthly newsletter digests of your newly published blog posts.
Send update emails whenever a blog post is published on your site.
Only send newsletters when a certain number of blog posts have been published.
Send content on your schedule with FeedOtter

What customers say about us?

Save 2 hours every week!
“I easily save at least 2 hours every week because I don't have to build our newsletters manually. It’s so easy to understand what’s going out to subscribers from Marketo, and ultimately track how the blog improves subscriber engagement in the long-term.”
Anthony Baldman
Marketing Automation & Email Manager
No Bandwidth Required
“If you want to automatically send a monthly blog RSS feed email with no bandwidth required – you’ve found the right tool.”
Michelle Piontek
Demand Generation and Marketing Manager
Save 4 hours each week!
"FeedOtter has helped my small team save at least 4 hours each week with our newsletters. It was quick to set up our custom template on the front-end, we will see substantial time savings over the course of the year."
Jason Olas
Director, Marketing Operations
Quick to add value
“We have so much great content to share with our audience but limited time. FeedOtter allows us to quickly send a bi-weekly blog digest by pulling blog posts from our RSS feed. It’s an easy-to-use tool that’s quick to add value.”
Tiffani Nichols
Director of Demand Generation

Marketers who use FeedOtter save an average of 4 hours a week

When an automation is live, you’re free from manually creating emails. Those two hours you used to spend copy-pasting can now be spent on better engaging subscribers or growing your list.
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