Account Engagement RSS Email Automation

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS Email in FeedOtter allows your marketing automation, content, and email marketing teams to deliver time savings and automated content emails at scale.
Account Engagement remains the central space for all your email sends
Use subscriber preferences to send emails to different lists
Email performance and link reporting work perfectly
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Marketing Cloud Account Engagement rss email newsletter

Make sure your Account Engagement subscribers never miss a post

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is one of the leading marketing automation products in the market today.  With over 15,000 businesses, publishers, schools, and organizations relying on it to automate their marketing email flow.  FeedOtter makes Account Engagement even better by enabling RSS-to-email features that allow you to send content from your blog, website, or CMS to your Account Engagement subscribers. 

Creating a Account Engagement RSS email will reduce common problems encountered when building routine emails by hand including:
Missing images or text
Broken HTML formatting
Hours lost to editing
Emails do not get sent when your team gets busy
An Account Engagement RSS email will also ensure your content is always sent on-time, correctly, with perfect reporting via Account Engagement campaign reports and Google Analytics UTM campaigns.
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Automatically load content into your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS email

Use cases for Account Engagement RSS email

Customers use FeedOtter to do great things such as:
Send your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS email on your schedule

Send emails when new blog content is published

Whether you publish new content every day or whenever inspiration strikes, Account Engagement RSS email makes sure your readers never miss an important update.
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Automate industry newsletters

Creating a regular newsletter full of content takes time and uses lots of human energy. FeedOtter will automate the tedious part of your email creation process producing a great newsletter ready for your team to review and tweak. Most customers using FeedOtter streamline their industry newsletter process save 2-4 hours per email.
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Automate any Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS emails
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS email newsletter examples from FeedOtter

Corporate news and disclosure emails

Publicly traded companies use FeedOtter to send their routine, legally required, newsroom and disclosure content to investors and stakeholders on a monthly or quarterly basis.
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Higher education: from the President's desk and departmental news

Colleges and higher education use FeedOtter to automate the emailing of content from the President or departmental executives as well as cutting down the time it takes to compose regular departmental email newsletters.
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Custom Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS email examples from FeedOtter

How does it work?

We have made sending RSS email from Account Engagement quick and easy. Here is how a typical Account Engagement RSS email campaign is setup.
Easily create and edit your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS email in FeedOtter

Create an RSS campaign in FeedOtter

If you already have a FeedOtter account, login. If not, sign up for a free trial account below and follow along with this guide.

Once logged in, click the New Automated Email button.
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Select a sending schedule

Configure when you want FeedOtter to send your Account Engagement RSS email including:
When there is new RSS content
At a designated date/time
Business days only
Every other week/month
FeedOtter supports every possibility.
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Send your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS email on your schedule
Automatically load content into your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS email

Enter your RSS feed URL

FeedOtter uses the web-standard RSS feed XML format to pull in data from your website and compose Account Engagement emails.

Most Account Engagement users only automate content from a single RSS feed. If you would like to combine or display content from multiple RSS feeds in a single email FeedOtter can handle that too. With our multiple feed feature you can:
Create an RSS email with multiple categories of content - each powered by a separate feed.
Create complex newsletters where blog, news, events, and webinar content is into a single email using multiple data sources.
The possibilities are endless.
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Choose a template or bring your own

Every FeedOtter user gains access to a growing library of responsive, mobile-friendly RSS email templates. Whether you want to send a single post, create a blog digest, or newsletter we have a great looking template that can be setup in minutes.

If you have email creation resources on your team you can email your HTML template file and our team will add it to your account at no charge.
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Choose one of FeedOtter's built-in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS email templates
Send your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS email to subscribers right in FeedOtter

Select your audience

Our Account Engagement integration allows you to quickly select lists and dynamic lists to target the perfect audience.

Selecting an Account Engagement campaign for your emails ensures your reporting over time is perfect.
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Reporting and traffic gains

Once setup, FeedOtter creates and schedules your RSS email in Account Engagement according to the rules you setup.
Emails are created as "scheduled emails" in Account Engagement and will appear on your marketing calendar as if you created them.
Unsubscribes, open, click, and campaign reporting are all handled by Account Engagement so your emailing stays in one system.
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Track email and website performance with every Marketing Cloud Account Engagement RSS email

Advanced Optimization Features

FeedOtter contains lots of extra features that make the little things easy.
Image Processing:

We have built a proprietary image processing technology to make sure your images resize and look perfect in all emails. No more stretching, shrinking, or missing images. FeedOtter recommends that you have tags setup on your blog and that all images therein are at least 600px wide to ensure the images in your emails look great -always. We always prefer to use a tag to ensure the images shown in your RSS emails are the same as those shown elsewhere on the web.

UTM Tracking:

It’s easy to add UTM codes to your Account Engagement RSS email from inside FeedOtter. Here’s an example of how to add UTM properties to the FeedOtter loop. You will need to edit the FeedOtter template code a bit but we’re here to help if you get stuck.

Account Engagement Merge Tokens

You can use ANY Account Engagement merge tokens in your RSS emails. Clients have used this to inject banner ads, first name text, or custom greetings.

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