Gear Patrol's Email Marketing Transformation with FeedOtter

Founded in 2007, Gear Patrol is an award-winning publication and content studio dedicated to informing today’s generation of consumers about the best products to pursue their lives.
United States
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Gear Patrol, an online gear review and magazine, sought a solution to streamline their email production process after being acquired. Before implementing FeedOtter, manual content distribution processes led to inefficiencies and challenges in content delivery. Discovering FeedOtter through recommendations, Gear Patrol identified the need for automation to ensure reliable content distribution across multiple brands.


  • Gear Patrol began using FeedOtter in 2020 after their parent company acquired another brand, leading to the need to publish more content without expanding their staff.
  • Prior to implementing FeedOtter, Gear Patrol faced challenges with manual content distribution processes, involving copying and pasting content into their email sending service.

Discovery and Decision:

  • Gear Patrol discovered FeedOtter through recommendations from vendors and employees familiar with the platform.
  • Factors influencing their decision included the need for automation to ensure content distribution and streamline the email production process.


  • Gear Patrol aimed to automate content distribution, ensure reliable delivery to their audience, and scale their email marketing efforts across multiple brands.

Integration with MailChimp:

  • FeedOtter's integration with MailChimp allowed Gear Patrol to streamline their email production process while leveraging MailChimp for email sending and tracking.

Email Frequencies:

  • Gear Patrol utilizes multiple campaigns each month, with some sent daily and others weekly, all managed efficiently through FeedOtter.

Managing Email Production:

  • FeedOtter simplified email production by storing templates and automating content population, significantly reducing production timelines.

Key Features and Functionalities:

  1. Content Populating: FeedOtter's content population features streamlined email production, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
  2. Sending through MailChimp: Integration with MailChimp centralized email tracking and analytics.
  3. Simplicity: User-friendly interface enabled easy adoption across the team.
  4. Customer Service: Prompt and responsive customer service further enhanced the user experience.


  • Gear Patrol tripled their email marketing campaigns and successfully managed multiple brands, thanks to the time-saving benefits of FeedOtter.
  • Efficiency gains allowed Gear Patrol to focus more on content creation and strategy, resulting in improved subscriber engagement and satisfaction.

Conclusion: Gear Patrol's partnership with FeedOtter enabled them to overcome email production challenges, automate processes, and achieve significant efficiency gains, ultimately driving growth and success in their email marketing efforts.

Efficiency gains allowed Gear Patrol to focus more on content creation and strategy, resulting in improved subscriber engagement and satisfaction.

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