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Newsletter Automation Platform

Scale newsletter production while coordinating content from multiple sources, contributors, and editors.

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One Platform to Centralize your Newsletter Process

We built FeedOtter to harmonize with your content process and editorial team's existing workflow. Our newsletter automation platform allows you to automate as much or as little of the newsletter process while keeping your editors and contributors involved.


  • Connect your CMS, RSS, or website feeds to auto-populate newsletter sections
  • Contributors can bookmark any webpage for use in newsletters
  • Curate and modify article snippets via our drag and drop interface


  • Let the FeedOtter team import your custom newsletter designs or follow our documentation and manage your own
  • Easy to understand, flexible, HTML layout options make any design possible, flexible, and efficient


  • Include advertising from popular networks
  • Include, search, curate content from anywhere

The Problem: You Need To Scale Newsletter Production

If you send multiple email newsletters on a daily, hourly, or weekly basis. FeedOtter is going to reduce email composition time by 80%.  Here's how:
  • Hire new people and train them on your newsletter system
  • Search for content, wait...
  • Copy and paste text, images, and links for every email, wait...
  • Manual approval and review, wait...
  • Repeat


  • New newsletters auto-populate with your latest articles or your team bookmarks and selects content. No copy-paste
  • Re-arrange content order, edit snippets, images, and write custom commentary
  • Publish to your ESP, submit for team approval, or download the compiled email HTML
Ready to Save Hours of Email Creation Time?

FeedOtter is more than just email automation.  We allow you to create routine emails in minutes that previously took hours.

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