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Adverity Marketo Integration

Adverity Marketo Integration

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We want to revolutionize the marketing world with smart data! Adverity was founded on the belief that data can radically improve how brands and customers connect, understand and interact with each other. The Adverity Marketo integration is a great tool for aggregating your Adverity data and progress into your Marketo instance. Adverity Datatap is a powerful SaaS platform that integrates with most of your favorite applications (including Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, Snapchat, Google Analytics, DV360, Campaign Manager, Shopify, Linkedin and hundreds more) so there are never missing chapters in your company’s data story. Our goal is to power the next generation of marketers with a clear understanding of how they are contributing to their companies’ success by delivering the big picture of marketing to their fingertips. Once Adverity Datatap has automatically consolidated your data, tracking progress against goals and benchmarks becomes easy!

MAXIMUM CONNECTIVITY Break the silos and bring all your data into a centralized location. Let our best-in-class integration software take care of all the heavy lifting by automating the entire data aggregation process, without limitations to your sources, volume or destinations. We’ve got the most complete library of off-the-shelf connectors, which is continually maintained and updated by us – meaning there’s no groundwork required from you.

LIMITLESS FLEXIBILITY & CUSTOMIZATION Adverity provides a best-practice data model across all sources out-of-the-box. Slice, dice and customize your data in accordance with your business needs and use our powerful data transformation engine to create a clean, harmonized data stack – without any additional coding and maintenance. Our highly flexible and dependable solutions can fulfil your most ambitious needs. The perfect solution for your dynamic business.

FUTURE-PROOF, ENTERPRISE-SCALE PLATFORM Use this scalable, platform-agnostic tool to power your data analytics across the entire organization – no matter what your IT infrastructure looks like. The cloud enables us to unlock as many resources as possible to offer a high-performance experience. We’re able to support your global business and provide additional sources, destinations, and business units on the fly – without limiting your data volume.

With our best-in-class customer success teams, your business is in the best hands. Still not convinced? Read what our clients have to say about us!


Adverity provides easy, granular, tailored and automated access to all your data and eliminates the need for manual wrangling.
Manage all KPIs within one centralized platform built to solve the marketing challenges of today and tomorrow to create transparency.
We work with marketers every day and our mission is to empower them to make smarter decisions.
Adverity continues to incorporate the best practices from leading marketers around the world and also understand that every business is unique.

Adverity Marketo Integration

How to use Adverity Datatap: Click on Request Demo on our LaunchPoint listing and complete the information requested. One of our sales reps will then contact you to schedule a call. On the demo call, we can answer your questions and guide you through the setup process. Adverity offers a free trial which can be activated immediately after the demo call. Once your trial is active, follow these steps to set up your Adverity Marketo integration.

Setting up the Adverity Marketo integration:

  1. On the dashboard, click ‘New Datastream’ in the top-right hand corner of the page. This will take you to the overview page where you can select the Marketo API connector.
  2. Within the Marketo interface, create an API-only User & a custom service and enter the obtained credentials in Datatap to establish the connection (also see Integration Guide).
  3. Set up a Marketo Datastream and pick the fields you want to report on. From there on, you can view your Marketo data, transform and harmonise it and finally export it to your preferred destination (data warehouse, database, BI tools, etc.)





  • Connect All Data Sources
  • Automate Your ETL Flow
  • Discover Unknown Insights
  • Increase Marketing ROI

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