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Arm Treasure Data Marketo Integration


Arm Treasure Data empowers marketers with rich customer insights that drive remarkable customer experiences. Treasure Data is an enterprise-grade Customer Data Platform that handles the complex, data-intensive needs of large teams. Dedicated to managing the entire process of building a single view of the customer it optimizes how both customer and prospect profiles are used for personalization across marketing channels. From data collection, pipeline management and profile unification to segmentation, predictive analytics and multi-channel activation, Treasure Data helps marketing teams identify, engage and acquire customers efficiently. 400+ customers across industries utilize Treasure Data for personalization at scale: – 120+ Pre-built connectors to collect data and activate profiles – 2M+ Events collected every second – 10B+ Profiles activated every month – 1M Presto queries run daily – 30T+ Rows of data processed daily.


Built on an advanced data lake for infinite scalability and storage capacity.
Untangles data complexity
Collect and unify data from *any* source, including: DMP, IoT, PoS, offline sources, customer support, CRM, and customer applications.
Schemaless data framework, allowing you to immediately work with your data instead of wasting time preconfiguring your data.
Fully redundant platform, with 24/7 network monitoring and encryption in transit and at-rest. Privacy-ready by design.
Customer/prospect profiles tailored to your business. Marketer-friendly segmentation experience to act on your cross-channel insights.

Arm Treasure Data Marketo Integration

The Arm Treasure Data Marketo integration is an easy to use, bi-directional integration that supports marketing use cases such as email retargeting with cross-channel insights. Users will need to first set up authentication with Marketo by entering in the Marketo Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret. Then users can set up a data transfer to import and/or export data from Marketo to Arm Treasure Data. The source Arm Treasure Marketo integration supports importing bulk or incremental Lead and Activity data as well as Lead by static list, Member by program, Campaign, Programs, and Custom Object data. See Import from Marketo (https://support.treasuredata.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001344688-Data-Connector-for-Marketo) for more details. The destination Arm Treasure Data Marketo integration supports exporting leads data, such as emails, to a Marketo Target List. See this article, Export to Marketo, (https://support.treasuredata.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001536087-Writing-Job-Results-into-Marketo) for more details.






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