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CleverTap Marketo Integration

CleverTap Marketo Integration

Mobile App Marketing


The CleverTap Marketo integration will help marketers, growth and product marketing teams send effective push notifications to consumers across channels and devices. The notifications can be sent via mobile push, SMS, emails, and web channels.


Customer Data Platform
Centralize customer data from online and offline sources to create a user-centric marketing strategy.
Advanced User Segmentation
Use machine learning to improve conversions and predict churn faster than ever.
Customer Lifecycle Management
Build powerful customer experiences using machine learning to create a loyal customer base.
Real-time Customer Insights
Analyze, experiment and monetize key customer moments using data science driven marketing insights.
Customer Engagement Channels
Automate and orchestrate omnichannel engagement to delight customers with unified experiences.
Data Privacy and Security
Ensure Enterprise-grade security, data privacy and process control for your growth teams.

CleverTap Marketo Integration

The CleverTap Marketo integration allows marketers and product managers to engage with consumers in real time using push notifications across channels and devices.





  • Real Time Customer Engagement
  • Omnichannel Orchestration
  • Measure Real Impact
  • Built for Marketers
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