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Cloudingo Marketo Integration


Deduplication can be complicated, but Cloudingo takes away the frustration, leaving you with clean, reliable data. And while removing duplicates in Marketo and Salesforce is at the core of what the Cloudingo Marketo integration and Salesforce integration does, there’s a lot more to data cleansing:

  • Merge duplicates and convert records – Merge records without losing data like opportunities, attachments, and history. Convert Leads to Contacts.
  • Automate on a schedule – Make sure your data is always free of duplicates. Schedule Cloudingo to run in the background and work for you.
  • Dedupe import files – Mass import data and scan for duplicates, create new records, and update ones that already live in Marketo.
  • Update records in bulk – Using customized rules, modify field values for large groups of records.
  • Delete unnecessary, stale records – Save money on database costs by mass deleting worthless records, test records, and inactive leads.
  • Collaborate and track changes – Control access to Cloudingo with multiple permissions-based logins.
  • Connect systems via API – Shuttle data from your ERP through the Cloudingo Marketo integration to leverage master data management systems.


Clean and dedupe existing records
Clean Marketo data as it flows to Salesforce for a more streamlined marketing automation system.
Ongoing dedupe for new records
When a new record is created in Marketo, such as from web forms or imports, Cloudingo checks the record against those already in Salesforce.
Dedupe more than just email
Create complex and comprehensive duplicate scenarios using Cloudingo’s user-friendly drag-and-drop filter creation.
Update and merge records
Instead of creating duplicates, existing records are updated while unique records get inserted into Salesforce.
Enrich your data
Mailing addresses of records coming from Marketo can be validated and standardized, and account data can be appended to Marketo from Salesforce.
Be proactive with automation
Schedule Cloudingo to run in the background to stay ahead of any duplicates so that your systems are always clean and in sync.


With Cloudingo’s Marketo integration you can clean records coming from Marketo on more than just email, using any of the various Cloudingo matching options. Any duplicates that may exist in Salesforce can be merged and synced back to Marketo, keeping both systems aligned. Plus prevent future duplicates, and stop wasting time, money, and your reputation.





  • Find duplicates fast and easy
  • Flexible matching on any field
  • Control how records are merged
  • Automated merge options

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