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Convertr Marketo Integration


More Inputs. More Outputs. End-to-End Data Routing and Optimization. The customer data journey can be complicated with unlimited data sources, formats, and endpoints. Connect the entire journey to deliver the right data to the right place, and empower the organization as a whole with impactful data that leads to better performance. Convertr is an unbiased tool used to filter, enhance, normalize, and automatically route accurate & actionable prospect data. We protect our customers against expensive, bloated databases overwhelmed by bad data and create opportunities for data-driven decisions that maximize results.


Optimize Data for Any Source
Convertr simplifies & automates data processing from any source to save marketers time and improve data quality across the tech stack.
Database Integrity Beyond Deduping
Don’t just merge duplicate records, block invalid and irrelevant records to create a rich database of profiles with the potential to convert.
Endless Integration Options
Beyond CRMs and Marketing Automation, prospect data needs to connect to visualization platforms, data warehouses, sales enablement systems, and more.
GDPR & Global Compliance Tools
Specialized tools to maintain compliance at a global scale. Including PII data-masking, opt-in, Subject Access Request and Secure Data Transfer.
Global Campaigns with Simple Management
Multiple rules, CPLs, and limits by country are no problem. Automate data processing and reporting all in one campaign.
Robust Reporting & Insights
Get real-time insights from our dashboards and the advanced report builder to identify trends, analyze performance, and optimize for improved results.

Convertr Marketo Integration

Getting set-up with a Convertr Marketo integration to your database is easy. Convertr comes with a direct API integration to Marketo, enabling the seamless passing of lead data and insights for the Convertr Marketo integration. You also have the freedom to send your leads into Static Lists or Smart Lists: so every time Convertr identifies a change in your lead data or valuable new insight, your records automatically update and keep your marketing activities accurate. The end result is a two-way connection that ensures data integrity from the start of your lead journey – and a more productive lead generation process which does all the hard work for you.





  • Boost Database Integrity
  • Optimize Data from Any Source
  • Connect Your Entire Tech Stack
  • Robust Reporting & Insights



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