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Digesto Marketo Integration

Digesto Marketo Integration

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Give your blog content the attention it deserves. Engage your subscribers with the Digesto Marketo integration, the #1 blog subscription application for Marketo. Digesto recognizes when a new post is published, and leverages Marketo programs to deliver the posts straight to the inbox of your followers. You maintain full control over the email template, distribution frequency, and multiple feeds – all in one unified application.


Save Time – Digesto fully automates email blog or newsfeed email creation, saving multiple hours per week, and lets you turn your marketing into a well oiled content machine.

Increase Engagement with Your Blog – Drive more traffic to your blog posts by delivering content straight to the inboxes of your audience.

Enhanced Reporting – Collect more insightful data on the performance of your emails and measure metrics such as clicks and opens for each individual send with Marketo email performance reports.


  • Fast & easy setup – Use our 3 step guided setup instructions and you’ll be off the ground in a blink.
  • Smart scheduler – Set an email frequency and turn on Digesto. Digesto runs in the background, listening for new posts and will generate an email to send to your audience on the schedule you defined.
  • Fully responsive and customizable email – Use one of your own templates or choose from our library. Digesto emails are optimized for responsiveness across all devices.
  • Effortless newsletter creation – Combine your best content into a single newsletter.
  • Seamless Marketo integration – Capture subscribers, view email performance and track subscriber activity.
  • More bells and whistles: Social sharing of blog posts, UTM encoding, Localized date format, and more.

Digesto Marketo Integration

Delivering your blog content in emails is a great tactic to engage with your audience and grow your website traffic, all while optimizing your existing content. It’s also a good alternative to the geeky RSS Feed tools and a good way to better serve your audience by adapting communications to users’ preferences.

Digesto Does the Work for You

Having the necessary tools and technology really make or break your ability to implement this simple tactic. Those who found a workaround would paste their blog content and manually fire the email campaign. Many of our clients knocked at our door asking for something simple to use that would integrate with Marketo. Copy and paste no more! Digesto is fully integrated with Marketo. Change nothing in the way you used to work and do nothing while our RSS-To-Email application service works automatically and seamlessly with your Marketo.

How the Digesto Marketo Integration Works

There are three main components to Digesto:

1. Digesto app

2. RSS feed

3. Marketo program

The Marketo program itself is a regular program with an email, a list and a campaign. At a set frequency of your choice, the Digesto app will execute, fetching your blog RSS feed, injecting the content in your email template and triggering the campaign to send the email automatically to your subscribers via API. Visit the Getting Started section of our community to get the details step to set up your Marketo program.





  • Seamless Marketo integration
  • Schedule for any frequency
  • Emails are fully responsive
  • Aggregate multiple RSS Feeds



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