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Thousands of companies (including Crayola, Soylent and Nascar) use Digioh’s personalized web forms to grow their email lists and increase their sales. Digioh empowers marketers to launch personalization campaigns in minutes and with our Digioh Marketo integration you can easily sync campaigns and information in your Marketo. Easily customize lightboxes, on-site widgets, and landing pages to display personalized content to your website visitors. Targeting rules, trigger conditions, and our dynamic content editor give you unlimited customization options. Our dynamic content editor gives you full control to display customized content, without having to write a line of code. Pull from URL parameters, URLs, and jQuery selectors and dynamically display images, text, HTML, and more.

Selectively display forms based on:

  • Traffic source
  • Page content
  • Specific web pages visited
  • Shopping cart totals
  • UTM parameters
  • Geographic location
  • New or existing customer
  • Exit intent
  • Device
  • Advanced targeting rules

Drag-and-drop form builder

Creating your own forms is drag-and-drop easy. Want a head start? Use one of our 100+ themes as a jumping off point to create your own brand-compliant lightbox. Need something more custom? We’ll design it for you! Want to create a preference quiz or progressive forms? It’s simple with our intuitive form editor.

Ecommerce Tools

Reduce cart & browse abandonment by triggering email follow-ups through our seamless integration with Marketo. Capture emails with exit-intent offers & one-time-use coupons. Drive sales with Free Shipping calculators, and increase order value by recommending complementary products.

A/B Testing and Analytics

Test your way to success with A/B and multivariate tests. Track your results in our visually-appealing analytics dashboard. Want to see Digioh in action? Click here to book a demo.


Dynamic content editor
Personalize your forms with relevant content. Pull content from UTM parameters, URLs and jQuery selectors and display text, images, buttons, HTML.
Trigger Conditions
Selectively display forms with 10+ trigger conditions. Exit intent, pages navigated, traffic source, geolocation, UTM parameters & more.
Drag-and-drop form editor
Intuitive form builder that makes it easy to design brand-compliant lightboxes and widgets. Create preference quizzes and progressive forms.
Custom JS
Custom JS gives you the power to add conversion tracking to your widgets, set up cookie-based targeting, generate custom URLs after submission, etc.

Digioh Marketo Integration

The real-time Digioh Marketo integration allows you to collect leads with Digioh and seamlessly pass information to your Marketo account.

  • Pass standard form fields (email, name, up to 10 custom fields) and analytics fields (location, referring source, device, URL, etc) from Digioh to Marketo.
  • We’ll set up your Digioh Marketo integration so you can start growing your list right away. Just contact us to and we’ll set you up! We integrate with Marketo via Marketo’s Munchkin API.





  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Easily add dynamic content
  • 10+ trigger conditions
  • Capture 2x-4x more leads



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