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FlowBoost Etumos Marketo Integration

Etumos Marketo Integration

FlowBoost is the scripting, calculating, storing, do-anything solution for Marketo.


The FlowBoost Etumos Marketo integration is the scripting, calculating, storing, do-anything solution for Marketo. How does it work?

Step 1: Noodle on what you want to do with the tool. Maybe you can peruse some of the existing recipes that we've already come up with on the Marketo Community, which are pretty useful for day-to-day Marketo operations and data cleanliness.

Step 2: Request an API key from us-they're free for a trial and light usage!

Step 3: Set up the webhook in Marketo following our instructions that we'll email to you with your API key. We have pictures to guide you and examples you can start with. Make sure to map the responses to lead/contact fields in Marketo so you can use that data.

Step 4: Create a smart campaign that fires the webhook based on the audience you want, and you're off to the races! Then look at it go! It works!


The Flowboost Etumos Marketo integration works via Webhooks. Read more at https://etumos.com/products/flowboost/


[email protected]

[email protected]


  • Add and subtract dates
  • Perform complex math on fields
  • Create any custom webhook
  • Compare against your database
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